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Ep 4: Weekly High with LSD – On US AntiTrust Laws and CyberWars


In this week’s episode of LSD Show, Leslie D’Monte, Publishing Director and L Subramanyan, Founder & CEO of #Trivone discuss how ‘Silicon Valley remains under attack’, given that 38 US states have now targeted Google for #antitrust laws after Facebook. Moreover, EU has opened investigations against Apple for its App Store practices and Amazon is under the gun in Europe.

So what does this mean for the technology titans and how is this going to affect the entire tech ecosystem, as these companies employ and serve millions of people.

Again, we see that with the convenience technology has brought, it has also caused a surge in cyber-threats, which tells the dark side of the story. Bringing attention to this area, the experts talk about ‘Nation-state sponsored cyber attacks’ or #cyberwars.  Even as our world is grappling to come to terms with the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s another pandemic that is plaguing cyberspace – Cyberwarfare.  And it’s only getting worse as computer viruses become more sophisticated and are being used by countries to attack rival nation states.

With their expertise, Subu and Leslie use enough evidence to back their claims and discusses how organizations can build new policies and strengthen security practices moving forward.

As we enter the New Year, antitrust fights with the big techs may get bigger and we will witness many more incidents related to cyber-attacks, hacking and data breaches, which highlights that the internet is not safe. It is imperative to be aware of cyberwarfare, as awareness is the first most important step to mitigating it.

Do not miss out on the informative and engaging video conversation.

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