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Everyone should be aware of these lessons from World Economic Forum

There are a few people in the world who believe that no rules exist. And you’ll find a significant proportion of these people at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


As we have taken some time to reflect on what we have perienced at the largest confluence of world leaders, decision makers, catalysts of change, CEOs, creators, entrepreneurs, politicians, bureaucrats and overall global A-listers, we can’t help but feel a little bit proud and very grateful to the universe for getting me there.


From rubbing elbows with the most innovative investors driving Fintech, Healthcare & Web 3.0 to making memories with some of my personal heroes. We realised that the only thing separating me from those who are changing the world is my own mindset and determination.


Here, are some points that stood out for us during the forum, and lessons would like to take forward in my daily life:


  1. Literally every single person irrespective of rank, wealth or status is there to connect with other like minded people. They are accepting, non-judgmental and come forth with open minds. The opportunities to network are endless.


  1. The rise of Fintech and disruptive technologies gave young people a chance to seize the spotlight and control the narrative, with more youthful representation at Davos than ever before.


  1. India shone at the forefront of the global stage, with eight Indian pavilions showcasing the country’s focus on inclusivity and sustainability and an unprecedented number of influential Indian entrepreneurs and investors in attendance. It was an incredible time to be a young Indian change-maker.


  1. Don’t Hold Back: Don’t let fear hold you back from connecting with someone you’re really excited to meet at the forum. This is the place where rule-breakers converge and everyone is eager to make valuable connections. If you don’t approach them, they might not approach you, so seize the opportunity and strike up a conversation. You never know what amazing opportunities could arise!


We experienced this first-hand at the Saudi & India Pavilion. At first, you might think that a billionaire or hedge fund manager wouldn’t be interested in talking to a 25-year-old startup founder. But we were pleasantly surprised to discover that they were more than willing to share their connections and offer invaluable feedback.

Simply being a part of the World Economic Forum already puts you ahead of the game, but it’s through these personal connections that you can truly make an impact. You just need one person to help you get from 1 to 10 and Davos is where you’ll find these game-changing contacts, so be bold and seize the opportunity!



(The author is Mr.  Ronit Harisingani – Ceo and founder of Spare8, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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