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“How seriously Gaming platforms are taking data protection? Measures to keep data protected.”

Online gaming industry has witnessed an exemplary shift in India. It has gone from computer games, to Nintendo, mobile games and now skill based gaming in a span of 2 decades. It has become much more inclusive, accessible and easier to play. The changing consumer habits also contribute to the boom of gaming in India, making audiences of all age groups more receptible.

India has a huge potential in gaming. According to a report By 2025 Indian gaming market is expected to grow from $2.8 billion to $5 billion with a massive 500 million gamers in India.

With over 396 million active gamers today, the country is now the second largest in the world in terms of gamer base. The pandemic has played a great role in the growth of Indian gaming and gamers.

While the growth potential is immense, the risk of cyber attacks, threats to user privacy and security breach are also imminent. In today’s dynamic world companies approach their users from multiple fronts in order to collect data and decode user preferences. While the practice empowers companies to understand user behavior and the changing demands of the market, it also raises the question of data safety.  As a leading gaming company, we at PlayerzPot keep our users safe by constantly monitoring our platform. Having a secured user registration process is one of the first steps but it’s not enough because we do not know who is behind the device. While the KYC process has solved the issue to some extent by verifying the user accounts, there are still some gaps to be bridged.

How to keep user information safe in a hyper-digital world

Data masking – Data masking is one way to protect any information from external or internal threats, platforms make sure that sensitive information is not available to everyone. Hence, masking user information adds a layer of security to the user information.

Encryption of data – As a leading gaming platform, we make sure we are encrypting the data when storing any user-related information. Data encryption converts data into code where the code need a decryption key.

Transparency in collecting data – Platforms having transparency while collecting data is also very necessary, to avoid any unwanted suspicion in the user mind, it is essential to only collect necessary data with their consent. When asking for information it is necessary to ask for only data that is required and save only the important information. It is essential to inform the users why we need their data, this will eliminate any doubt or ambiguity toward the platform.

Privacy Policy Updated –

Privacy policy explains how companies handle user information that they get in its operation. These privacy policies are available for users to read on the website of the organization and company.

These policies are updated based on the data protection law and it informs users of any changes in the policies. Adding relevant clauses in the privacy policy will help the company to establish good communication. These changes are announced through email or using pop-up notices on the website.

OTP – OTPs are a great security measure, getting them implemented makes every transaction secure and keeps users updated. Platforms have also adopted OTP-based and password protection to prevent any data leaks. As a gaming platform having OTP based password gives security and also eliminates any possibility of fraud or theft.

As the gaming industry continues to keep itself and user data safe and secure it is time to be more proactive to show how they are taking measures to keep the data and platform safe. A safe platform will only encourage gamers to show their skills and play with confidence. There are many casual gamers who are afraid of paying for games due to fear of losing money and data. A good security policy and measure will encourage them to try cash games as well.

Gamers know the importance of their data and as a gaming platform, we are focused on protecting the user’s information from any possible breach, theft and fraud without stopping them from enjoying their favourite game.


(The author is Mr. Jayendra More, AVP Product. PlayerzPot, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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