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Mobile BI: Analyzing data on the Go

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By Mr. Piyush Goel


Smartphones have brought business analytics into a new era. Power BI apps are now accessible on a variety of mobile operating systems. Companies today have access to a wealth of data, and everyone needs access to real-time data in this fast-paced workplace so they can make data-driven decisions whenever and wherever they want. Business intelligence is the term for the technology-driven process of data analysis and resource delivery that enables wise business decisions. Wherever their business takes them, Power BI Mobile gives users the resources they need to maintain contact with their data. The most beneficial benefit of mobile BI is having business insights at your fingertips. The efficiency of your daily operations can be increased by constantly having access to real-time data insights.

Mobile BI facilitating and enhancing data analysis.

Mobile BI has grown in importance for many organizations as a result of the increased amount of data being produced by enterprises and the requirement for decision-makers to have access to real-time data. Users of mobile BI applications can carry out ad hoc analysis on their portable devices. Ad hoc analysis is a business intelligence (BI) approach that enables company executives with data access to quickly and precisely extract answers from their data. Mobile BI offers the most recent insights based on data to assist users when they need it most when choices or actions must be made immediately and on-the-spot. Users of mobile business intelligence (BI) can also react swiftly to opportunities or changing business situations. The freedom to complete tasks when and where it makes sense for you is the main benefit of mobile BI solutions. There’s no need to stress about bringing up the correct data or logging into a desktop. Simply pull out your mobile device and start working. In addition to all of these advantages, it offers a chance for:

  • Improved collaboration: Teams can share data and work together on analyses with mobile BI, regardless of where they are physically located. Teams are better able to collaborate and make more informed decisions when users are given the option to share data and insights with coworkers. Hence, mobile BI can enhance cooperation and communication inside a company.
  • Competitive edge: In today’s advanced world, you must be able to take decisions quickly and constantly have access to correct data if you want to stay ahead of the competition. This feature can be provided via a BI platform. Businesses that use mobile BI to make smart decisions can outperform those that don’t, and the demand for such tools that can handle all of the data is becoming more and more urgent as the data continues to expand at a greater rate. By implementing a mobile BI solution, you become more adaptable and flexible to changes in the business environment.

By utilizing the capabilities of contemporary mobile devices, Power BI can manage a variety of issues in addition to performing real-time monitoring and data-driven decision making. Here are a few different types of problems that mobile BI may address:

  • Collecting data using built-in sensors: Built-in sensors on mobile devices, including thermal, navigation, GPS, and movement sensors, can be utilized to gather information. These sensors that come with mobile devices can be used by mobile BI to gather information and offer insights. A mobile BI app finds its application in multiple industries, such as logistics, construction companies, and even the health care sector. For example, Mobile BI can use GPS to follow its delivery vans; it can also employ thermal sensors to keep track of the equipment and building materials’ temperatures; and it can also allow medical practitioners to use the sensors on their mobile devices to concurrently collect patient data and keep an eye on other vitals.
  • Checking out dashboards and reports: Users using mobile BI may examine dashboards and reports from business intelligence on their mobile devices, which can assist them in making choices while they are on the move. Hence, giving them instant access to important business insights. Users may examine dashboards and reports in real-time using mobile BI, which enables them to make quicker, more informed choices. Users may configure mobile BI apps to provide them access to the precise data they want, such as customer happiness scores, or sales success measures.
  • Enhanced daily life experiences: You may use mobile BI to improve various aspects of your everyday life, such as making informed decisions while saving time. You may save time and be more productive by using mobile BI, streamlining your work flows instead of waiting for data to be manually assembled and evaluated, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency. Homeowners may use mobile BI to track their energy use, manage their smart home appliances, and get warnings for problems like leaky pipes or security breaches. Moreover, power BI has applications in other aspects of life, like travel and fitness activities. Here, users can study potential trip destinations and monitor their workout performances or their training progress.

In general, mobile BI may offer insightful information and support users in making wise decisions in a range of situations, both personal and professional. Mobile BI can assist businesses in becoming more responsive, flexible, and data driven. For businesses of all sizes and sectors that want to use their data to inform decisions and spur company growth, mobile BI can be a useful tool. We can anticipate that the mobile BI industry will continue to expand, and that new developments will make it even simpler to evaluate data while on the go as more firms adopt mobile technology.


The author of this article Piyush Goel, is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Key, and the views expressed are his own

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