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Most Preferred Hiring Partner for Start-ups, Unicorns, Captives, and IT Services companies

It has been known that an employee is the essence of an organization and having the right personnel leads to efficiency and growth for the company. In today’s world what people strive for is authenticity and a sense of uniqueness, so when it comes to talent acquisition, leveraging an external recruitment partner can help you achieve measurable business results faster and transform your approach to talent acquisition. To attract top talent, having an effective talent acquisition department to ensure the employee experience is flawless from the start is crucial, according to a survey by PWC 49% of respondents declined a job offer because of a bad recruitment experience, that’s the price organizations have to pay if the hiring experience is lethargic.


There is no doubt that a positive onboarding experience is crucial for new employees. A formal onboarding program increases employee retention by 50% and productivity by 62 percent for companies that implement it. Furthermore, it is undeniable that a more regulated and well-governed recruitment process will significantly increase overall productivity and improve the perception of a company’s business strategies. Many organizations are routinely outsourcing the recruitment of individuals with the required skill-sets to recruiters in order to enhance internal employee selection processes. As it streamlines the company’s recruitment process and expedites access to talent.


To help you in your quest to find the right talent for your organization, there are many recruitment firms serving major enterprises and corporations by providing an extensive network of qualified candidates in every field, ensuring that they are always working with the best in the business. By offering innovative recruitment solutions and game-changing talent, the recruitment firms create lasting partnerships with customers and provide you with the best possible talent that suits your organization well.


The hiring partner you choose understands that every organization has different needs and requires different solutions. Along with this, the team of professionals knows that having the right tech talent on your side can make or break a growing startup. With smaller teams where you can actually feel what each person is putting in, this decision will directly impact your company. When you hire a specialized partner to handle recruitment, you’ll have access to a much bigger talent pool than job boards and social media. With a dedicated team specializing in tech recruitment, your team can stay focused on your product while a dedicated team of recruiters can handle the process, reducing the time to hire from weeks to days. Investing in outsourcing this service will pay off long and short-term.


Along with providing the right talent for your organization, the recruitment firms of today or the young professionals believe in speeding up the process of filling up the positions and have left the traditional methods behind. Today, instead of taking 3.5 months, they complete the recruitment in 45-60 days, saving time and energy for both employers and employees.


In the hiring landscape, be it economic or consumer behavior, employment is being leveraged equally. With the right recruitment sources, the chronic dearth of talent is now being swamped by an influx of right talent acquisition. As some experts point out, despite layoffs or potential inflation, this is the best time to hire and acquire, since organizations, startups, and unicorns are hungry for transformation, growth, and valuation, and the job market remains the ever-constant cure despite this intensifying competition.


What organisational efficiencies make Zyoin the perfect hiring partner for Startups, Unicorns, Captives, and IT services companies?


The company finds the best candidates that match your company’s needs perfectly. Clients understand that Zyoin works diligently to find them the perfect match as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


In terms of customer service, nothing is more important to them than outperforming the expectations of their customers and candidates.


We are well-versed in all industry sectors in which we work, and our skilled staff understands the complexities of all the diverse industries and strives to provide only the best service.


Using our social media reach recruiting and our 1000000+ database, we can quickly get large groups of job seekers by sharing relevant content and contacting them directly.

In addition to delivering top-tier talent, Zyoin ensures that candidates and clients feel valued, providing opportunities for creating and receiving value in the communities they serve.

Zyoin provides its clients with Talent and Workforce solutions.
Each company has diverse needs, and the talent solutions Zyoin provides your company cover everything that caters to those needs. They understand that businesses change, so they are adaptable enough to assist you in achieving growth in your organisation, regardless of where you are on your journey. Talent solutions provided by Zyoin can be further segregated into the following:

  • IT services hiring
  • Product hiring
  • Captive hiring
  • Startup hiring
  • Non – Tech hiring

Workforce Solutions: Zyoin’s workforce solutions offer their clients an unrivalled level of service. Their solutions cover everything a business requires, from compliance to outsourcing to training. They understand that each organisation’s needs are unique, so each solution they provide has been designed with you in mind to meet all of your expectations. Workforce solutions provided by Zyoin can be further segregated into the following:

  • Contract Staffing
  • RPO
  • Payroll
  • Hire, Train & Deploy

The workforce is constantly changing and evolving. With unemployment rates declining, artificial intelligence, big data, and applicant tracking systems have been used to improve talent identification. Furthermore, they are causing recruiters’ roles to shift throughout the hiring process, requiring job seekers to remain adaptable. While knowledge and experience will always be valuable, candidates must concentrate on the skills and characteristics that will set them apart from others with similar backgrounds. They must also learn how to present these skills and qualities to recruiters. Candidates who follow these steps will have the best chance of success in the job market, regardless of changes in the job market or recruiting technology. Keeping technology and experience together, Zyoin assists you in finding the right talent for your organisation. Over the years, outsourcing your hiring duties to a recruitment firm has proven to be highly effective and beneficial for your organisation.

(The author is Mr. Anuj Agrawal, Founder & CEO, Zyoin, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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