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Stepping into the new era of traditional advertising with the  Sonic Engagement Software

The increasing popularity of new media and the presence of traditional media have confused advertisers on the best way to connect and engage with their target audience.

The increasing popularity of new media and the presence of traditional media have confused advertisers on the best way to connect and engage with their target audience. However, TV and radio are still considered some of the most powerful forms of communication as they use audio technology and inherently, humans are both more receptive and responsive to sound that to the written word. Moreover, with technological advancements, consumers now have more opportunities to interact directly with audio entertainment. Consumption of sound technology has increased, and advertisers are trying to leverage this platform with their campaigns.

The market space is overcrowded; brands compete with each other and seek to establish their market presence. New techniques and formulas are constantly used to remain ahead in the game. With the change in consumer behaviour, it has become necessary for brands to be seen and heard to stay relevant in the market. Although visuals can be considered a vital tool in grabbing the audience’s attention, the potential of sound can’t be avoided. Sound or audio is an essential tool used by humans to communicate and can be used to associate advertising endorsements. Sound can create emotion, as witnessed in certain advertisements. Over the years, sound has had more influence than visuals in marketing and advertising.

If given a choice, consumers may want to talk to a brand on TV and radio and procure a product rather than simply seeing or hearing them. With sound-enabled advertisements, brands have the opportunity to establish a two-way dialogue with their customers. Thus, brands must make their advertisements engaging and interactive to attract customers.

With an average attention span of 8 seconds in human beings, brands need to utilize those seconds to convey their message to consumers and increase interaction with them. This can be made possible with sound technology. Although social media and other digital platforms are thriving as marketing tools, TV and radio have retained their viewership and listenership among the masses. Advertisements can interact with customers buying the product at the end of the ad. What if ads on TV or radio are more attractive than a sales pitch you see or hear?


How can we make TVs and radio advertisements more interactive?

To solve this problem, voice-based commerce platforms have started developing Sonic Engage, a software tool that makes advertisements interactive and engaging. This software is a marketing tool compatible across all platforms, TV, OTT, media, radio, and social media. The main objective behind creating an advertisement is to promote a product or service while ensuring their easy access for the audience. This is where SonicEngage comes as it can make a customer’s journey of buying a product shorter and more accessible. Usually, when customers come across an advertisement on TV or radio, they don’t purchase it immediately and postpone it for later which eventually leads to loss of sale. This is due to the absence of a push to purchase. SonicEngage triggers this through notifications on the viewer’s or listener’s phones to buy the product while its advertisement is playing on TV or radio.

Besides, while buying a product, customers are offered a plethora of similar products from rival brands with better offers. SonicEngage deals with this issue directly by helping the customers navigate the buying page of the product being advertised at the moment.

Additionally, SonicEngage has been designed in such a way that it can be easily embedded into social media and other digital/new media platforms. This software also allows brands to send notifications of discounts and offers through targeted messaging to selected customers and establish personal contact with them.


End Words

In an era where digital platforms are reshaping the advertising and marketing industries, one cannot ignore the impact of traditional media like TV and radio as marketing tools that possess the additional power of sound. Solutions such as SonicEngage enable brands to stay one step ahead in their marketing game by helping customers simplify their product procurement journey.



(The author is Mr. Neeraj Baghel, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, ToneTag and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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