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The Ascent of the gaming industry with the tune of music

This Grammy Awards 2023 was worth noting for two very particular occurrences. Firstly Beyonce, who won her 32nd Grammy Award which is the highest ever in the history of the Grammy. And the second was Stephanie Economou’s soundtrack in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the first-ever Grammy in the video game category that was introduced this year. This ecstatic recognition is a clear sign that the gaming industry is making a buzz that can’t be unheard.

The gaming and esports industry has witnessed massive growth over the past few years globally, and there is little to no doubt that this growth will persist to soar in the years to come. As per a report by Statista, the global gaming market is estimated to reach 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025, up from 178 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

In fact, the future of gaming and esports appears more prevailing & resounding than it has ever been because of the development of cutting-edge technologies, ground-breaking goods, and quickly changing patterns in content generation, and consumption. Generating more and more career opportunities in many ways. Thus, ringing more bells in the market.

Let’s take a look at the factors that will play a decisive role in the future of the gaming and esports industry in 2023.

The ecstatic rise of Casual Gaming

More people are enjoying casual games now, as they are more accessible and less time-consuming. Also, casual games are gaining traction owing to the fact that developers are giving more time in making them sophisticated and engaging. As per Direct TV; casual arcade games cover up to 47% of the titles downloaded on mobile.  Global casual game downloads are also expected to hit 19.9 billion by 2026.

Next-Gen Mobile Gaming Growth With 5G

While it is evident that there will be an increase in the number of gamers playing mobile games, the availability of 5G on a scaled level will further contribute to the industry’s growth and popularity. 5G is becoming more widely available as a result of the speedy rollout

As 5G networks will be more widely available to the urban & suburbs in the coming times, gamers will be able to experience faster download speeds, lower latency, and improved connection stability. As a result, mobile gaming may become even more engaging, thus boosting its appeal.

Invigorating Significance of Cloud Gaming

Widespread acceptance of cloud gaming is one of the key trends expected for 2023. Although cloud gaming has been around for a while, it is anticipated that over the next two years it will get mainstream in different markets.

Cloud streaming technology enables high-end video games to be played without even purchasing or installing them. Instead, the game is saved on remote servers with the video being streamed directly to the player’s device.

Esports To Get Melodious And Better

It is expected to see more investment in esports infrastructure and support for professional gamers and teams in 2023 as the esports industry continues to grow and gain more recognition at national and international levels. An increase in the number of local tournaments and leagues being organized by both private companies and government agencies is also to be seen.

An Incredibly Symphonic Career Path

The gaming and esports industry is thriving and packed with talent as more people are choosing it to make their career. The upcoming generation can be primarily seen making a successful career out of gaming given the rate at which the gaming business is reforming.

The way people view gaming now has also been dramatically altered by new gaming genres like esports, cloud gaming, and mobile gaming. It is now shown as an innocuous option for enthusiasts. The sector is poised to experience substantial expansion due to fast digitalization and transformation, expanding internet usage, and rising smartphone penetration.


The gaming industry is set to experience considerable changes owing to significant advancements in technology and greater accessibility and engagement. It’s a rhythmic pace that the gaming industry has gained. One of the major breakthrough developments in the gaming industry is the rise of virtual reality (VR). Companies like Meta are pouring billions into Metaverse, a form of virtual reality, and Sony has also recently launched its PS VR headset to enhance the PlayStation gaming experience. VR technology enables a fully immersive experience for players in a virtual world, delivering an exceptionally realistic and engaging gaming experience. This technology is still in its infancy but has already begun to revolutionize how we play and interact with games. It is going to be a jazzy ride that would be interesting to watch and explore.


(The author is Mr. Sachin Alug, CEO, NLB Services, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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