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What Makes Quality Assurance Essential For Startups

Never have we come across entrepreneurs starting up a new venture with a mindset of making losses, have you? Everyone wants their startup to be successful, and no doubt, entrepreneurs take multiple steps to reach their definition of success.

One such step is Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance plays one of the most prominent roles in gaining a loyal customer. Tell us, would you ever make a purchase in which you do not receive good value for your money? You won’t, right?

Thus, satisfied customers are all a startup needs, and the secret to gaining one is Quality Assurance.

What does software testing quality assurance entail?

Quality Assurance refers to QA Testing Services offered by organizations to startups to guarantee that software services and products will meet quality requirements.

Prime reasons why quality assurance is necessary for your startup

  1. Helps startups to compete: Unlike big corporations where QA is also planned for and managed, startups typically disregard QA as they have a modest budget. They concentrate primarily on development— and end up creating products that are not as per consumer demands. Ostensibly, this is the main reason they lose the competition. Thus, startups, primarily those developing products, should concentrate on quality assurance in addition to testing.

  2. Serves as a problem-solver: There are Quality Assurance testing teams in software testing companies. If you want to be successful as a startup, you must be a problem-solver. It’s indeed challenging for startups to capture market share. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure that your goods and services satisfy customers and address their concerns. This is where quality assurance comes to the rescue. It aims to confirm that your products serve the best magnitude of service to the customers you want to target.

  3. Scales up your MVP: Although it might sound idealistic, every startup is established to eventually grow. Any overlooked flaw might create a chain reaction that is extremely difficult to reverse afterward. Hence, if QA is taken care of from the very beginning, it makes future improvements to your products much more straightforward.


Whether you intend to develop e-commerce websites, on-demand applications, mobile apps, or any type of online software for commercial reasons, you should understand the relevance of Quality Assurance since it will be integrated into all your software-development processes.

(The author is Mr. Avneesh Kumar Agarwal, Founder & CEO, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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