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Empower and Engage Your Employees Through Employee Self-Service Portal

Having a proper employee self-service system in place can immensely empower your employees and also engage them more in the company


Having a proper employee self-service system in place can immensely empower your employees and also engage them more in the company. It has features that can make it easier for the employees to engage more with the company. This gives you full knowledge of all the rules, regulations and events in the company. That’s why employees feel more connected to the company and are engaged in various activities within and outside their teams.

Following are some of the benefits of Employee Self-Service Portal:

  • Increased Communication

ESS helps in smart communication between employees and managers. Hence, there is no need to physically remind the manager about your leave, payroll or attendance data. For example, you want to know your number of leaves for a specific month so that you can plan a vacation. The employee self-service system has you sorted! You do not need to take your queries to managers any longer. Just one click and voila! You will have the entire schedule in front of you.

  • Regular Feedback & Tracking

An Employee Self-service portal also lets the employees stay updated with all the latest news about the organization. Moreover, employees can also give their feedback on various things including the company regulations, the managers or even the work that they are doing. Overall, ESS helps in making the process more transparent.

  • Edit Your Own Details

With an ESS system in place, it becomes fairly easy and efficient for employees to edit their personal information without any hassle. Therefore, if there is a change in an employee’s residential address, instead of contacting HR, the employee can edit the details himself/herself. In the same vein, if you wish to add a new phone number, you do not need to nag the HR department. Simply edit the details yourself and you are sorted!

  • View Essential Documents

With ESS at your disposal, you can easily view all your essential documents. You can also upload benefits documents directly to the software. It can be any kind of relevant documents such as benefits information, common employee forms, employee handbook and much more. This way, all the employees will have easy access to all these documents, and that will go a long way to increase their efficiency and productivity at work.

  • Access Your Payroll History

With an employee self-service portal, you can easily access your payroll history without any hassle. Employees can easily view as well as print all their pay stubs. They can even check the number of work hours or leaves pending. This makes the entire process much more automated and streamlined and that too, without the need for any middleman.

Final Words

As is evident, online payroll has a lot of advantages when it comes to easing the workload of companies as well as employees. Having an efficient attendance management portal in your company can, hence, go a long way to streamlining all the employee processes. It not just helps employees in becoming more self-sufficient at work but also helps automate all the administrative systems in an organization. You can possibly eliminate an entire department and save funds as well as resources in the process. What more could you possibly ask for?

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