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Infosys Uses Agile and DevOps to Boost Customer Centricity


Transforming business models is key to unlocking new value for business, customers and society in a post-COVID world. IT major Infosys has unveiled a new set of Enterprise Agile DevOps capabilities that will help businesses strengthen customer centricity and innovation.

According to the IT behemoth, the product-centric value delivery model and the data-centric live engineering approach that helps enterprises drive business value faster while being secure by design.

“With the product-centric value delivery model, enterprises can transform the way they develop and deliver products and services by reimagining customer journeys, with agile product teams bringing these to life. Through the data-centric live engineering approach enterprises can increase the speed of outcomes by using the power of advanced analytics and AI to generate persona-based actionable insights,” the company said in a statement.

“Today, enterprises are looking to significantly accelerate their digital journeys to realize business value faster,” Ravi Kumar S, President, Infosys explains.

He said that forward thinking firms are now evolving to a product centric operating model to ingrain customer centricity, business agility and innovation in the fabric of their organizations. Building product management and experience design capabilities are becoming the need of the hour. “At Infosys, we leverage our wide range of Enterprise Agile DevOps platforms, expertise, and tools to help clients create new ways of collaboration, orchestrate, and deliver products and solutions against robust business outcomes.”

According to a recent Infosys Knowledge Institute study titled ‘Agile Radar 2021: Drive Business Value Faster’, 74 percent of C-suite and IT executives, across US and Europe, invest their money in product management, underlining it as a key business priority. DevSecOps emerged as a top area of investment among CIOs to ensure faster business decisions through AI and ML-driven customer insights.

The research also revealed that companies who implemented seven Agile levers like customer insights to strengthen customer journeys, organizing teams around the customer, collaboration across functional boundaries, instituting self-organized teams, upskilling the workforce, using Agile workspaces and collaboration platforms for remote working, reported a 63 percent higher chance of growth, ahead of their peers.

Infosys found that firms that have started Agile more recently and have spread it more thoroughly through their company are achieving superior business outcomes from their Agile transformation. From an industry perspective, the tech major saw more healthcare and life sciences firms, and some banking and retail are already leading in agile practices.

With a lean based value stream approach, supplemented by customer experience design and product management capabilities, Infosys helps clients re-imagine their customer journeys and setup integrated product teams to drive accelerated business outcomes.

To this point, Infosys’ Agile Radar study draws emphasis on how product-centric value delivery levers such as ‘customer insights to strengthen customer journeys’, ‘focusing on products rather than functions’, and ‘MVP (minimal viable product) based funding’ can augment business performance.

Infosys’ integrated Agile & DevOps framework is designed to address agility needs of enterprises, across all technology stacks and types of work. Infosys DevSecOps Platform helps bake in security within the value stream.

One of its customers Syngenta Group has already seen a lot of benefits by partnering with Infosys in this endeavor. Christian Bayer, Head of ERP and Data & Analytics, Syngenta Group said, “In our endeavor to be more innovative, more responsive to business change and to be cost effective, we decided to adopt an agile-first approach to transform our SAP services. Infosys partnered with us and brought onboard its proven next-generation service delivery Agile framework for executing a phased transformation journey.”

He explained that the company reduced business disruptions by half, with service requests being delivered 80 percent faster, turnaround time improved by 45 percent, and all this with 33 percent cost reduction in the first year. We worked together as a team to become truly agile in SAP.”

“Effective new business models strike the right balance and integrate the digital, physical, and human world,” Carsten Linz is the author of ‘Radical Business Model Transformation‘ mentions in an Weforum article, “Smart leaders make sure that some 30% to 40% of their transformation initiatives are focused on new business models and ideally drive new digital native revenue streams.

Infosys’ renewed focus on Agile and DevOps practices is also expected to foster close collaboration and interaction between teams that can deliver quality and valuable software within much shorter time frames, thereby enhancing customer centricity and more importantly, the bottomline.

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