iValue, MicroFocus Organize CIO Meet To Discuss IT Infra Challenges


IT Solutions Company, iValue InfoSolutions in association with MicroFocus had organized a CIO power breakfast meet in Bangalore inviting several IT organizations head last week. With the theme: ‘Fully automated world from Hyperloop to connected cars,’ the event witnessed participation from heads of different industries.

Krishna Raj Sharma, CEO, iValue InfoSolutions, discussed the challenges faced by CXOs across various organizations. “Today’s progressive digital landscape is pushed heavily on Performance and Delivery of all underlined services. In the same time, opportunity to build the differentiators has become so slender that even a small decimal degradation in services can cause a big uproar in the ecosystem.

He added, “Continuous change in the threat landscape is constantly toughening challenges no keeping the Digital Assets safe and avoidable to the customers internally and external. Today, it has become crucial to build a robust and agile system to proactively monitor and prevent the assets from any unforeseen threat.

“Likewise, we see a huge acceptance from the CIO community, who are willingly opening up to discuss about the key challenges or pain points they are facing on a day to day basis with their organization’s IT Infrastructure,” said Sharma.

Karthik N, Country Manager – ITM, Micro Focus discussed on how availability is equally important to that of the product or service they are offering. “People switch cab service provider if there is no response within 15 seconds. Such is the time frame expectation from any customer”, he added.

Talking about the security aspect of APP, Ajitabh Dey, Regional Sales Manager – South, Micro Focus said, “APP security, Identity & Access Management, End-Point Security, Data Security, Security Operations, Analytics and Machine Learning are the key aspects in comprehensive Security for any Enterprise.”

Noor Ul Hasan, GM, Strategic Accounts, BFSI, ITC Infotech said, “The product range of MicroFocus is wide and we could consider it for multiple areas. Whenever we go to a banking customer across geographies we could complement the solutions provided by MicroFocus and iValue in partnering together in select deals.”

Thanking the organizers for a well-orchestrated event, Jai Thomas, Head, IT and Infrastructure & Operations at DailyHunt and IT veteran explained that in an era where there is this question around ITIL and related process management going redundant because of DevOps, I think team MicroFocus has well-structured the offering with adequate reasoning as why DevOps is essential for any agile organization. “It was quite overwhelming to see how MicroFocus pretty much addressed all the needs of DevOps including security”, he said. 

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