A Legal tech platform which is making  legal accessible & affordable to every individual – In an exclusive interview with Mr. Himanshu Gupta Founder and CEO of Lawyered

Q1 . Can you give us an outline of Lawyered’s history to date?

Lawyered is a legal tech platform which is making legal accessible & affordable to every individual, entity, and business through tech-driven consumer products.

With a sharp focus on the mobility market (commercial and non-commercial vehicles). We are empowering 30 million trucks by resolving their on-road legal issues.

LOTS, our product offering focussed at solving the on-road legal issues of truckers and transporters, is a game changer for logistics. It breaks barriers between lawyer and client by bringing legal advice at the time of need. We have partnered with 50,000 lawyers across India to provide on-the-spot local representation through our on-call 24×7 legal helpline and on-the-spot legal representation through our lawyers.


Q2 . Describe the range of services offered by Lawyered. How do you provide your consumer’s value?

Besides the Logistics Industry, we have consumer products for other segments, like SME, Startups, Real-Estate, etc. They are also part of the massive problem that Lawyered is resolving- ‘Making legal accessible and affordable’ for everyone.

We’re impacting the market as an enabler of the Indian Judicial System by building platforms that are tech interventions aimed at fastening the legal process.


Q3 . Describe your network and presence in India. What is the sector’s present market size, and how much do you anticipate it will expand over the following five years?

Lawyered is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, and has a PAN India Presence. We have a network of 50,000+ verified lawyers PAN India. We have blessings from India’s Ministry of Road and Transport, and have an exclusive partnership with AITWA, India’s apex Transport Association.

The legal tech market is worth more than 30 Bn USD. It is largely an unorganised market. In the next five years I expect the market to get a lot more organised. This will further increase the potential of the market manyfolds. There will then be enough room and opportunities for new or existing players to build solutions that impact the category in a much deeper way.


Q4 . How is the industry changing, and what trends will be the most prominent in the next year?

The focus is fast shifting from building platforms that lists, segments or supports lawyers for better reach and visibility thus making lawyer connect easier for the consumers, to building consumer focussed solutions aimed at directly addressing their needs. Tech advancements have substantially changed people’s response towards products. Their patience levels have gone down and expectations from platforms have significantly gone up. It makes our jobs as problem solvers a lot more interesting (tough as well). The interventions need to be deeper at the same time, the efforts that the user has to put in availing the benefit needs to be minimal. Sleeker and faster is the key when it comes to building platforms. Tech is not just the driver, its a necessity now.


Q5 . What future plans do you have? The highest priority for 2023–2024?

In the near future, we at Lawyered, intend to focus on further strengthening LOTS and its offerings and also begin to structure and streamline our products addressing other consumer segments, like SME, Startups, Real-Estate, etc. Since they are also part of the massive problem of Legal Access and enablement. In 2023, we intend to get a lot closer to our Vision of- ‘Making legal accessible and affordable’ through our tech driven, sharp focussed offerings.

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