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PaySprint is a Fintech venture focused on Next Gen Neo Banking Solutions, offering a Unified Open API Platform. PaySprint works closely with various banks to bring digital banking solutions to the end consumer. Banks will continue to be the custodian of the customer and of the various banking products and services, while PaySprint will create larger consumer adoption. Interface and Delight. Mr. S Anand, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PaySprint,  shares more insights on the same.


  1. Brief us about the PaySprint, its business model, and operations.

PaySprint is a Fintech company working to create a unified open API platform and a one-stop Nex-Gen Financial API Stack. PaySprint works closely with a number of banks to offer customers digital banking solutions. Banks will still be in charge of keeping track of their customers and all of the other banking products and services, but PaySprint will increase consumer adoption and satisfaction. We offer a variety of products as an API to B2B partners through partnerships with numerous banking and travel partners.


  1. What are the unique key points (USP) of your company?

We provide a platform with an open, unified API. We work closely with several banks to offer consumers digital banking alternatives. Through alliances with several banking and travel partners, we provide a wide range of products via an API to B2B partners.


  1. How are you different from the existing competitors?
  • Comprehensive Analytical Dashboard:

We provide a comprehensive analytical admin dashboard that assists partners in tracking their business and monitoring their operational activity.

  • Ease of onboarding and integration:

In order to deliver seamless and easy-to-integrate APIs, we work with a number of banks and fintech companies. As a result, partners can be onboarded onto the platform with full partner KYC and business identification system verification. We support launching the integration, onboarding as we go, and going live as quickly as possible.

  • A range of services on one dashboard:

One platform houses all digital banking products, making it easier for our partners to successfully and efficiently run their operations.

  • Choose your preferred bank service:

Customers cannot choose their preferred bank because other market competitors offer less banking possibilities. However, we offer a range of bank options to our partners. The option to select a preferred bank is available to our API partners.

  • Working as an aggregator for all services:

We can aggregate any of our services from a vast pool of operators. If an operator error causes a procedure to fail, the customer has the option of using a different operator.


  1. What are the products that you are offering via PaySprint.

Nex-Gen Banking

Enabling fully digital banking ecosystem, with instant account opening, serving paperless experience with cash deposit and withdrawal facility.

Nex-Gen Payments

PaySprint’s Nex-Gen Payments is One-Stop solution which enables your customer to pay bills on your app or website Helps save their time, effort and money. Besides enabling online payments it also ensures safe and secure transactions with real time payments update.

Nex-Gen Solutions

PaySprint’s Nex-Gen Solutions are developed to cater unique problem statements faced by MSME’s Across Pan India. We aim to simplify the payment experience of business partners with crafted


SprintVerify simplifies user onboarding process for enterprises by providing Real-time ID verification APIs, Digital KYC, Document OCR, and a whole lot of other APls which can reduce turnaround time & customer drop-offs resulting in low onboarding cost & increased sales productivity.


PaySprint offers a list of travel APIs under one roof enabling enterprises to create a complete travel solution by using our BUS, FLIGHT & HOTEL booking APIs. We help enterprises across India to provide easy, fast & Convenient travel experience to their customers.


PaySprint provides Investment APIs which enables MSMESto offer investment features into their services and connect their customers to high-quality investment products that enable them to grow and manage their money.


PaySprint’s Insurance APIs are built by keeping the end consumers in mind helping your customers with unearthing the best insurance policy for both General & Life insurance as per their very own requirements and budget.


PaySprint’s lending APIs support companies to build lending solutions, aiming to connect individuals in need for credit with individuals and institutes willing to lend their access funds. We use technology to speed up the process and cut costs.


PaySprint provides industry leading healthcare APIs that helps you to build a platform with all the healthcare requirements- from finding the healthcare provider to booking appointment, online doctor consultation, ordering medicines etc..which can connect millions of patients with hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers and help people make better Healthcare decisions.


  1. What challenges are you facing in running your business?

There are lots of changes going on currently with regards to bank’s business policies especially related compliance due to a rise in cyber frauds which is all right but in doing so an honest merchant should not feel scrutinised or awkward. Hence we are working on solutions to overcome this where user experience is smooth and friendly while keeping the compliance in check as well because maximum users are from rural India and they still need guidance and education to adapt to new technology along with compliance.


  1. What are the traction details (achievements of the company)?

We are able to on-board more than 500+ B2B API partners in the last 1 year, we are also offering a great customer experience with a 99% success rate in all banking products and services. We have been able to touch this benchmark because of our partnership with best-of-breed banks. PaySprint is now an established API service provider company in India providing various B2B API products and services through a single unified platform.

PaySprint went live with a Unified Open API Platform in March’21, currently, we are processing 60 lakh+ transactions a month and a business of 9,000 CRS GMV in the last 1 year and growing 30% Month on Month.

We have successfully on boarded 700+ B2B API partners and 500+ live transacting partners every month which include Banks, SMEs, MSME, and Sole Proprietors.

Recently, we raised a pre-series funding from Fino Payments Bank. We Also won Fintech India Innovation Awards 2022 for the category “Best Fintech Startup”.


  1. How do you look at expansion?

We look forward to strengthening the Tech & Product Teams. Also we will be spending money on Digital marketing in a big way.


  1. What are your future plans and expansion plans?

Despite the possibility that our solutions would actually give businesses a much better user experience, we are aware of the gap that must be filled in our market in order to provide “ease of doing business.” With this in mind, we hope to rank among the top three businesses within the next 12 months. A unicorn is what we aspire to be. In a few years, we want to transform how Bharat transacts and add to the ten trillion dollar Indian economy.

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