Cloud technology and DevOps is the core offering for Progress to service their customers

The data connectivity products by the 40-year-old global IT service providing company, Progress provides secure and high-performance connectivity to data in BigData, Cloud Databases, Cloud Applications (SaaS applications), and Cloud Data Warehouses. This enables companies to automate and manage infrastructure and applications both in the cloud and on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Mr. Srikanth Reddy Gujju, Manager ,Talent Acquisition – People Team at Progress, share more insights on the same.


  1. What are the new products or developments by Progress, as more and more industries are transiting to the cloud-based business?

Most enterprises have started migrating data to the cloud way long back and with the rise of digital adoption, cloud transition is very much in demand, especially in the current scenarios. Progress product offerings are well positioned to support organizations both with their digital transformation efforts and adoption of the cloud. Our Digital Experience (DX) offerings empower companies to provide engaging and personalized customer experiences across diverse digital channels. With our Always-On Application Experience (AX) offerings, companies can optimize, and secure applications and networks across any cloud or hybrid environment through best-in-class network performance monitoring, application delivery control and anomaly detection.

Our data connectivity products provide secure and high-performance connectivity to data in BigData, Cloud Databases, Cloud Applications (SaaS applications), and Cloud Data Warehouses. The data connectivity products power applications hosted in the cloud to have seamless connectivity to valuable data living anywhere, in the cloud, on-prem or exposed via APIs. Our DevOps/DevSecOps products enable companies to automate and manage infrastructure and applications both in the cloud and on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Progress also makes it easy to maintain and enforce compliance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


  1. Tell me more about Progress’ R&D centre in India and its focused-on intrapreneurship and in-house innovation. What’s its impact on the company’s development?

Progress’s R&D centres in Hyderabad and Bengaluru are strategic innovation hubs, playing a key role in the company’s global success. Innovation is a part of our culture and the driving force behind building and developing our products. Our teams are in a continuous process to innovate and develop industry-leading technologies in the fields of application development, data connectivity, DevOps & DevSecOps, and application experience management, leveraged by thousands of enterprises worldwide.

The company also has many initiatives and incentives to nurture and grow this culture. Company-wide hackathon events encourage teams to collaborate globally and explore new ideas. Every quarter, Progress has innovation sprints, a dedicated time for innovation and continuous learning for its employees.  (I’m not too sure of this program if ots active now)


  1. What is the company’s expansion plan in India in terms of talent acquisition?

With the rising demand for automation and other technologies from its client and customers, Progress has a continuous eye for new talent, especially in India. We have already established teams developing industry-leading technologies for application development, database management and data connectivity, leveraged by thousands of enterprises worldwide, and is continuously looking for talent in the areas of Product development, Product Management, Customer facing teams for its DevOps and DevSecOps product portfolio, App platform development, data connectivity and database management product portfolio.


  1. How does Progress support women in tech? What are the opportunities provided by the company?

We want to encourage women to choose STEM for their professional development and bring more diversity to the workplace. In 2021, we introduced the Akanksha Scholarship for Women in STEM in India. It is a USD 2,000 four‐year renewable scholarship to cover tuition, fees and educational expenses for women pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer information systems, software engineering and/or IT. In 2019, we launched the Women in STEM scholarship series with the founding of the “Progress Mary Székely Scholarship for Women in STEM” in the US.

The first winner of the scholarship in India is Akhila Karanam, a second-year student at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India. She demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and personal qualities that exemplify courage, conscientiousness, resilience and excellence.

Internally at Progress, we have a company-wide Employee Resource Group (ERG) – ‘Progress for Her’. It aims to provides women at Progress with leadership and networking opportunities, as well as the tools needed to create substantial influence both in and out of our professional network.


  1. What learning and development opportunities does Progress offer to its employees?

To help our employees grow at Progress we offer various learning and developing opportunities. For example, with our internal mobility policy, we encourage employees to look for their next professional challenge within the company. Each employee can apply to take on a new role, corresponding to their professional aspirations. Thus, the company retains its staff, while providing them with new opportunities for development.

Our management development program, called LEAD, is a custom-built learning experience, created specifically for Progress managers. ​After completing it, they’ve mastered three key pillars which are at the foundation of what it means to be a people manager at Progress – to lead self, to lead others and to lead an organization. It’s interesting that after completing the program managers feel inspired to invest more in self-development – in their own as well as in their employees’.

Of course, in addition, we regularly organize workshops and trainings for employees and managers to develop their professional competencies and personal skills

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