Computacenter helping customers navigate multi-cloud complexities

In a discussion with Sambit Chandan Dash, Country General Manager, Computacenter India, he highlights the key offerings of the company, the latest work by the India Development Centre, and talks about how organisations can ensure the end-to-end digital transformation to encourage a hybrid work environment.


  1. Can you give us insights on Computacenter’s IT and Technology offerings?

Computacenter is a leading independent technology partner, trusted by large corporate and public sector organisations. We support our customers to ‘Source, Transform and Manage’ their technology infrastructure, deliver digital transformation, and empower people and their businesses.

We are a public company listed on the London FTSE 250 (CCC.L) and employ over 18,000 people worldwide with annual revenue of more than Nine Billion USD. Computacenter was launched in 1981 and we’ve crossed more than 40 years.

Computacenter India started a few years ago. It supports the global functions of the organization and focuses on management consultation, transformation, and providing support services. The Computacenter India unit was launched as the support team for India and abroad, mostly covering large enterprise customers globally.


  1. Can you tell us about the latest developments stemming from Computacenter’s India development center?

Our main development center is in Bangalore which is responsible for providing key support to global functions and ensuring excellent client delivery locally and internationally. The center takes care of service desk operations, technology provision, a hybrid workplace for clients, networking, cloud, and data center management. It is the key driver behind innovation as well as business process optimization.

The India unit is key to global progress with its strong portfolio management teams. It drives various services such as providing service quality and efficiency using automation.


  1. How is Computacenter helping its customers navigate complexities in the multi-cloud journey and achieve agility in India?

Computacenter is helping its customers achieve agility and navigate various complexities using hybrid IT solutions. We help customers to deliver solutions faster. Our customers are confident in our solutions and skills, a testimony to our strong partnerships, reach, and scale.

We work across the domains of workplace, applications & data, cloud & data center, networking, and security and deliver cloud and cyber security services to large public and private enterprises.

With the rise of a hybrid work environment in India, we are tapping into multi-cloud delivery bundled with networking, cloud, data center management, and cyber security. We seek to build long-term partnerships with our current customers and partners to help them navigate the complexities of the cloud.


  1. What do you think is needed to help customers embrace a hybrid work culture?

India is at the cusp of a new-age digital transformation. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation even further. This has led to an increase in hybrid work culture. Companies need to embrace the latest IT infrastructure or modernize their current systems to ensure remote work is seamless for their employees. For this, they must have solid and secure cloud support.

With more than four decades of experience in delivering cloud and security infrastructure to our clients, Computacenter is completely equipped to handle such requirements.

We also have end-to-end security solution which comprises various elements of cybersecurity to address the ever-evolving security needs of our customers. These solutions are the need of the hour in India as the pandemic has led to a rise in remote work across industries.


  1. According to you, what are the skills required in India to be hired in the IT sector?

We believe there will be a stronger focus on end-to-end management consultancy, digital transformation, and all other associated services within the IT sector in India. Over the years, there has been phenomenal growth in the IT sector.

The sector does have its fair share of employee challenges such as high attrition rates and hence talent development is very important. For employees to be hired in India, they should be skilled in various important elements such as automation, cloud, security, network management, and data center management.

We understand this and nurture our talent pool. We believe that a growth mindset coupled with a ‘People first’ approach and a ‘can do’ culture will ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.


  1. How can organisations ensure complete digital transformation?

Organizations in India need to be future-ready and adopt digital transformation at a fast pace to ensure an employee-friendly work environment. A lot of employees work in a hybrid setup, which includes either working from home or remotely. Companies need to set up a digital environment that supports hybrid work. Businesses also need to support their customers 24/7 to increase sales, loyalty, and brand affinity. For this, they need to have a strong and secure cloud network internally and externally to ensure data safety and cyber security.

Hence, businesses must ensure compliance with the latest Indian and global laws. To ensure all these things are in place, organizations need to partner with a strong technology provider that can guide them throughout their digital transformation journey, and we believe that with more than 40 years of experience, Computacenter is the right digital partner to ensure a digitally empowered business.

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