“Cybersecurity Must Be A Priority In Recruitment Industry” Says Mr. Raj Das, Global Co-Founder and CEO, Hirect India

Hirect is a chat-based hiring platform which was formed during the devastating COVID-19 back in 2020 and the company came up with a solution for all the job seekers and recruiters by eliminating the middle man. Recently we had a chance to interact with Mr. Raj Das and here’s what he has to say about the entire journey and growth of Hirect India


Q1) Please tell us about the journey of Hirect so far. What has been the key growth enabler for you?

Hirect, incepted in 2020 during the pandemic, to get the workforce back to work who had lost their jobs due to unforeseen situations. The company also realized during this time that young startups face the most difficulty hiring their core team members, which is critical to any startup’s success. In contrast to large MNCs, hiring for startups is extremely difficult because they lack the brand awareness, social media presence, and popularity of established businesses. Therefore, hiring for startups is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Hirect is a chat-based direct hiring platform designed for high-growth startups, SMEs, and MNCs to meet their hiring needs without consultants and with 100% data privacy. The key growth enabler for Hirect has been prioritizing the customer experience and improving the application’s algorithm. Currently, the application has surpassed more than 9 million downloads both on the play and apple store.


Q2) What are the key challenges that recruiters and job seekers faced earlier that Hirect has resolved now?

The common problems that the hiring industry faces today with lean teams and leaner budgets are attracting suitable candidates and hiring faster. But Hirect helps both recruiters and job seekers overcome the hiring challenges they were facing earlier by providing a direct chat interface, eliminating the consultants and providing 100% data privacy in the hiring process. The platform also helps find the best possible candidate match with a new AI algorithm that correctly matches recruiters to relevant candidates based on skills, experience, profile activity, location preferences, etc., making hiring simple and effective. The platform also allows the candidates to directly talk with the startups’ decision makers (CXOS, Founders), which saves a lot of time for job seekers and recruiters as they connect directly over chat and schedule the audio and video calls within the application. Hirect ensures quick hiring and provides 100% data privacy to its users.


Q3) Is there a need to highlight the importance of data privacy in the hiring process?

Yes, maintaining data privacy is vital during the hiring process. Data privacy and security are fundamental in the digital space since all data is accessible online. Hirect strives to offer its consumers the most significant possible data privacy protection. Hirect eliminates fraudulent recruiter and applicant profiles by enabling users to hire and be hired safely using its platform. The AI takes essential precautions to ensure the safety and security of its users by verifying and validating firms and recruiters using approved papers and recording the behavioral patterns of both recruiters and candidates. As a result, Hirect provides complete security for users’ data protection.


Q4) How to Improve Cybersecurity in the Recruitment Industry?

Cyber security in the digital space is increasingly becoming an organizational concern. Cybersecurity must be a priority in the recruitment industry, given the number of sensitive information HRs deal with daily. Essential elements like employee personal information, salary details, etc., can cause a lack of privacy if leaked. Thus, HR professionals are in an excellent position to prevent cyber threats by implementing some level of governance and recognizing internal threats. Most recruitment platforms are increasingly using the new aged recruitment technologies like AI and ML to enhance the data security in the hiring space. Also, platforms are using various recruitment tools to eliminate the time spent on activities like examining resumes, speaking with candidates over the phone, doing performance reviews and statistics analysis, posting job openings across several platforms, and more.


Q5) Who is your target audience? How many customers have you had on board so far?

Hirect majorly focuses on startups and small and medium-sized businesses. The company has acquired a significant customer base over the past few years and is expanding its presence by focusing on new functional areas. The platform also aims to make recruiting and job searching easier for sectors including IT Engineers, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Design, Product, HR, Customer Service, and more. It is India’s fastest-growing chat-based digital recruitment platform and has clocked 9 million+ downloads on the apple and play store. More than 3.8 Million job seekers are actively looking for jobs, whereas 190K+ verified brands are actively hiring on the platform.


Q6) Recently, Hirect has introduced a new feature, Enterprise Hiring for large enterprises and MNCs. Please tell us more about this new feature.

Hirect introduced the brand-new feature to facilitate bulk hiring needs for large enterprises. The “Enterprise Hiring Page” facilitates large-scale hiring for recruiters looking to expand their teams or fill several positions quickly. Users can now efficiently search for opportunities and hire people with the help of improved navigation and functionality. The enterprise hiring services account for the provision of a designated professional in charge of meeting all the hiring requirements. The AI algorithm and personalized recommendations enable recruiters to build a skilled workforce efficiently. With this, Hirect has on boarded 1300+ large corporations across the country with 100+ profiles and 5000+ job openings.


Q7) How do you see the growth prospect for Hirect? What are your plans to further expand your business?

Hirect is an online recruiting platform that helps job seekers gets jobs immediately through their platform. It also focuses on expanding its presence to tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India and other countries. After successfully capturing startups and small to medium-sized businesses, the company is now focusing on large corporations and MNCs to onboard them on the platform. Additionally, it aims to expand its team in the coming years.

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