Cygnet Infotech leverages Oracle to better their customer engagement

CXOToday has engaged in an interview with Shabeer Kozhakkaniyil, Cloud Senior Sales Director, Oracle, India and Niraj Hutheesing, Founder & MD, Cygnet Infotech to understand their plans for the latter’s digitization goals.

During the conversation, Shabeer Kozhakkaniyil, Cloud Senior Sales Director, Oracle, India shared his thoughtsWith a legacy spread across decades, at Oracle, we realize the responsibility we have of ensuring customer satisfaction, success and most importantly seamless digitization. Our primary goal in any of the customer implementation is that they realise the maximum potential out of our products and ensure their targets are achieved. Having a customer like Cygnet Infotech is truly enthralling for us given how they have maximized innovation in their industry and also significantly empowered many customers.

AutomationWhiz is a significant initiative aimed at creating resilient businesses for enterprise needs. RPA bots are a technical improvement for the business sector since automation makes it possible to effectively automate all business tasks with significantly reduced overall process time and costs. Our partnership with them goes back to 2021 and we have witnessed them constantly innovate their systems to achieve the maximum level of efficiency and continue to be the enabler of their customers’ success. We will continue to ensure lower costs and provide them with as much efficiency as possible.” Said Shabeer Kozhakkaniyil, Cloud Senior Sales Director, Oracle, India

Further Niraj Hutheesing, Founder & MD, Cygnet Infotech shared the details of their cloud acceptance. Excerpts from the interview are as below:


Tell us something about your organisation and your role at Cygnet.

At Cygnet Infotech, we have a strong expertise in assisting clients move their bespoke applications to cloud. We have been focused towards providing cloud-based solutions to all our clients right since the inception of the organization. Our aim is to provide cloud-based solutions in a simplified manner to every organization that wishes to leverage them. Having done so for over 20 years now, we have a core understanding of what our customers want basis the dynamic business environment. With that, we have defined our focus to be primarily on digital engineering services and expertise towards software product engineering. We have received significant feedback on how our customers have transformed their businesses leveraging our proprietary solutions around tax technologies, financial technologies, digital signing solutions and cloud-based RPA. Through these products and more, we aim to empower our customers and help them achieve their digitization goals.

My role at the organization, as Founder and Managing Director, is to provide the long-term vision for the organization’s growth, building internal capabilities that help solve clients challenges, and attract and retain our top talent.


What are your digitization goals and how do you perceive technology as a part of your organization?

Being in the industry that we are and having a customer centric approach, we understand that technology has to be at the core of all we do. Cloud especially is an imperative for us and we’ve decided to move to cloud and reduce dependency on the data center. And as mentioned earlier, we use our own experience to advise clients on moving their monolith applications to microservices architecture and leveraging the cloud fully. Having set certain standards of doing business, we don’t compromise on our technology partners including our cloud provider and cloud strategy. Internally within the organization too, we work with our Automation and IT teams to build stronger digital capabilities using smarter analytics, RPA and other technology.


What were the key challenges you aimed to address with cloud?

When we decided to leverage cloud, we knew we had to thoroughly engage in the cloud environment to get the results we need. Our primary aim was to ensure that our business and offerings are completely aligned with the market demand. To do so, as an example, we wanted to migrate our desktop edition-based RPA product AutomationWhiz to a better microservices-based architecture. The primary goal of our modernization journey was to improve our customer’s experience and it began with an approach to support SaaS capabilities which would directly assist in achieving our goal. We always want to ensure that our customers have best in class solutions from our end.


What were the key reasons behind choosing Oracle Cloud?

As we were wanting to modernize our systems, we were aiming to find a cloud partner that would help us not just with technology but also come with a customer first approach and be truly reliable. Oracle became the right partner for us in this process considering their entire focus is on ensuring customers have the most efficient cloud experience. Its important that they consider cloud economics as the primary aspect of all their services. Another very important aspect was the availability of data centers in countries which are important for us. With this, we have been able to expand geographically which has been a huge contributing factor to organisational growth in the last few years. As we realised that we are ready to move from the data center to Oracle cloud, our first initiative was to start leveraging OCI’s managed Kubernetes services.


How have you benefited by far by leveraging it?

We have immensely benefited from OCI and one of the most important areas which Oracle helped us with is innovation as we accepted open source cloud native architecture on OCI. We also realised cost benefits with better price performance and TCO along with leveraging emerging technologies which has been very beneficial for us. Additionally, with Oracle, we have managed better implementation speed which has resulted in standardizing business systems and improving on overall efficiency. Oracle has also addressed security issues along with getting performance at scale with the ability to bring additional VM at the click of a button. We wanted adaptability, agility and scalability which are the key offerings of OCI. Another primary benefit has been the seamless cloud platform service and constant support provided by Oracle. Moving from desktop version to complete SaaS enabled version helped us engage with customers in a much better way with a single click tenant provision. We have reduced the time taken to onboard customers from days to hours and have reduced costs by 15%. We have also witnessed efficiency improvement by 20% with OCI.

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