D2C brands to grow in any geography should defy the challenge of regulations, integration, and language.

Any brand that wants to expand to global marketplaces has to deal with the herculean task of undergoing the process of understanding ranking, deciphering user data, analyzing pricing, consumer behavior, keyword, and listing automation. Assiduus Global, an e-commerce accelerator is helping these brands to launch, scale, and grow through their state-of-the-art AI-based technology and market expertise. In an interview with CXOToday, Dr.Somdutta Singh, the founder of Assiduus Global shares her knowledge of growing brands globally, discusses the technical expertise required to make a dent in global marketplaces, and her future road map.

1.    Give a brief overview of how you are using AI to grow brands in global and international markets?
Our innovative AI-powered technology acts as the middle layer allowing us to analyze data from multiple marketplaces across borders that gives us intelligence into categories, customer, purchase behaviour, repeat purchase analytics, and brand competitor data. This allows us to intelligently map projections and markets for specific products.
Our tool helps us analyze market opportunity-demand, market readiness for new products, competition analysis and customer intelligence. The second element of our tool, the dashboard allows clients to check sales status, inventory, campaign updates etc. The dashboard is a SaaS platform.
We deliver value through our unified order management system, warehouse management system, Integrated Shipping Platform (Marketplace + DTC) and Seller Qualifier Platform that provides crucial actionable insights. We have all licenses to sell cross-platform, cross-border, and cross-category.
2. What are the main challenges you face while growing a brand in international marketplaces? How do you defy those challenges?
One of the biggest challenges that brands face is not just building a strong portfolio of innovative products. Challenges arise when those products need to be sold across geographies, marketplaces and different groups of consumers. A key challenge that brands encounter is to sell those products in the right market and cater to the right audiences. Assiduus’s operational expertise allows us to understand and identify market demands and empower brands to curate, design and position products to appeal to them.

Brands need insights and intelligence, the right data sets, knowledge of the right markets, awareness of market demands, understanding of consumer affiliations, spending patterns, and repeat purchase rates. One of the elementary principles of selling on marketplaces is segmentation. One product cannot cater to different sections of people across diverse countries. Assiduus is not just a distributor. We have tech integrations with E-commerce marketplaces across the globe and are part of their joint development program that gives brands the added advantage of having a key partner and not just being a one-in-a-million seller on the marketplace. We have access to all the tools, understanding of the various search algorithms, and are familiar with the keywords and terms consumers use to search for specific products that help us conquer discoverability challenges.

3. How have you created your niche with the AI platform you are using?
It is a one-stop unified integrated cross-border E-commerce solutions platform that will simplify selling and make the process seamless, efficient and cost-effective for brands.

There is no centralized management system/platform that empowers brands to get an overview of various shopping channels, sales, competition analysis, and cross-border market evaluation without having to direct resources to create individual channels for each activity.

Although there are several articles/citations there is no working model and our technology is different from all of them.

It will exclude repetitive and non-productive work allowing businesses to enhance their product distribution/brand name and reach more potential consumers without increasing business pressure. The process will improve business output and will be a highly convenient and economical way to manage business across different geographies and marketplaces. We will move brands from multi-channel retail that is siloed to omnichannel retail that is united.

Most platforms/technologies are only doing inventory and product upload and are very US-specific. Our platform will be a unified platform for global marketplaces offering end-to-end cross border E-commerce solutions.

4.    What are the technical transformation plans of Assiduus for the future?
Our future growth plan with Assiduus Global is to make it a billion-dollar revenue-generating E-commerce accelerator partner by 2025 powered by our technology. We want to become the most preferred partner for digital-first D2C brands, enterprise D2C brands and roll-up brands looking to go global.

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