ERP software: A way forward for real estate industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented changes to the way we lead our lives. However, the pandemic has opened the horizons for multiple opportunities in the infrastructure industry and real estate sector. Technology is empowering the infrastructure industry to grow and transform digitally. The infrastructure industry possesses a unique role in the nation’s economy, and by incorporating tech insights, this industry can unlock endless opportunities. Mr. Praful Gami, Director, StrategicERP discuss with CXOToday and share more insights on the same.


  1. How do you see the business enabling role of technology solutions after the global pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges across business sectors. With companies realising the limitations of traditional planning and resource management, they turned towards ERP software for solutions. Lack of visibility, access to the right information at the right time, supply chain crisis, low economic activity and other aspects were both immediate and long-term challenges.

In the post-pandemic world, businesses embraced technologies like AI, ERP, IoT, robotics etc., to help them achieve better planning, robust supply chains, data-based decision making, reduced cost and project overruns etc.

After the pandemic, businesses, especially in the real estate sector, have learned the value of dynamic planning and the power of ERP technology both as a growth enabler and a survival kit for bad times.


2. Tell us about your journey and significant achievements.

StrategicERP is a state-of-the-art software platform for end-to-end process automation and information management customised for the Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Industries. With over 16 years of experience, we guide businesses to a destination of sustainable growth and profitability.

We started our operations to help businesses unlock their hidden growth through the right technology solutions. Our arsenal of solutions includes AI, Cloud Technology, Business Process Automation, Biometrics Integration, Voice Command Interface, Complete Digital Media Integration and more.

Our 200K+ ERP users are a testament to our growth, and the 15+ Best Tech Brand Award from significant stages speaks volumes about our excellence.


3. How does StrategicERP offering IT solutions bring innovations? What is their USP?

We believe StrategicERP is more than a software solution; it’s an enabler for real estate and construction companies. We develop solutions equipped with new-age technology that provides a competitive edge to businesses in the modern world. We aim to build a seamless path to digital transformation for the infrastructure sector.

The innovators and developers in our team build features and functionalities that are ahead of the curve and add more value over and above the basics. This is how our ERP solutions secure efficiency and effectiveness while delivering a competitive edge. Our teams understand that solutions should be user-friendly, and all functionalities must be designed using a user-centric philosophy. This has enabled us to develop solutions that have consistently solicited praise from our clients.


4. What are the technological developments in the real estate and infrastructure industry?

PropTech is booming, and is disrupting the real estate space by changing how we develop infrastructure. New-age tech-enabled platforms are helping developers to make their processes more efficient and lower the cost of development. Technologies like AI & robotics, cloud ERP solutions, VR & AR technology, RPA etc., are making significant breakthroughs.

Traditionally, real estate & construction space has been largely unorganised in India, but these emerging technological advancements in the space have disrupted the industry making it more productive, transparent, and also more reliable for the end customer.


5. What are the current technology trends, and what does the future hold for digital transformation?

The real estate sector is one of the oldest sectors in the world and has witnessed tremendous changes throughout the years. Several new trends and technologies have emerged in the real estate market, all of which have significantly impacted how the industry operates. The internet and smart devices have transformed buyers’ and sellers’ businesses. With just a few clicks, you can learn more about any property or broker and interact with them.

Currently, the developers have swapped their conventional modules and adopted a more digital savvy approach to business. The decision-making process, which was dominated mainly by leadership instincts and guesswork, has been made more accurate through AI analytics. With ERP tools and CRM systems, developers can do more targeted sales, leading to more conversions. Also, easy access to information through mobile devices ensures better control and accountability. These trends will continue to develop, and digital transformation will scale more in the future.


6. Which industry verticals are you currently focusing on? What is your expansion strategy for the same?

The real estate and construction industries have been our premier clientele and our effort to continually develop innovative ERP software for real estate industry is ongoing. Currently, we are seeing success with our ERP software for ceramics manufacturing after running successfully targeted sales and marketing campaigns. We are expanding our customer-reach to drive the infrastructure industry, financial institutions, power and energy sectors towards technology-aided efficiency.

We keep our customers abreast of the latest developments in our ERP software products and emerging trends. Earlier we had to push customers to adopt technology but now we are noticing a rise in their willingness to undergo digital transformation.

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