Findability Sciences, enabling enterprises’ Data-to-AI Journey

Findability Sciences, an Inc. 5000 company, is a leading Enterprise AI Company that helps businesses worldwide realize the potential of data and become data superpowers. Findability Sciences enable customers across industries and geographies to accelerate their Data-to-AI Journey enabling them to build their own IP and data science capabilities besides executing strategically to derive real financial ROI. Award-winning proprietary platform,, empowers businesses around the world as it solve their most complex and critical business challenges and drive digital transformation in traditional enterprises by making them data superpowers.  Mr. Anand Mahurkar, Founder & CEO, Findability Sciences share more insights on the same.


  1. Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization and the services that your company offers.

Findability Sciences is a leading Enterprise AI Company that helps traditional enterprises worldwide realize the potential of data and become data superpowers. We enable customers across industries and geographies to accelerate their Data-to-AI Journey, enabling them to build their own IP and data science capabilities, besides executing strategically to derive real financial ROI.

Our strong suite of offerings cuts across industries such as manufacturing, retail, media, and communication. Findability Sciences has five key product offerings, such as Findability.AI, Findability.DSL, Findability.Labs, Findability.Inside and ERP-Max. Our award-winning proprietary platform, Findability.AI, combines Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing to help enterprises accelerate their Data-to-AI Journey.

There are six ways in which our offerings create value for our clients- cost reduction, speed to execution, reduced complexity, transformed engagement, insight-backed innovation, and fortified trust. We are an award-winning Enterprise AI company, which is empowering tomorrow through innovation for every industry.


  1. Please brief us about any new product/solution you provide to your customers and how do they get value out of it.

In the current business landscape, traditional enterprises are aiming for agile technology to transform their business and accelerate growth digitally. We recently launched ERP-Max, a cost-effective add-on AI micro-product for ERP systems. It is a configurable and customizable AI toolkit, allowing enterprises access to actionable leading indicators such as forecasting, prediction, and propensity modeling, effectively unlocking the data in ERP systems to deliver faster ROI.

While ERP systems are strategic for entering, storing, and tracking data related to various business transactions, CIOs, COOs, and business analysis teams have struggled over decades to extract, transform, and load data from ERP systems and utilize it for AI/ML applications. Now, as enterprises spearhead digital transformation journeys, the demand to be flexible and the ability to connect to enterprise data across the organization has never been more paramount. ERP-Max has an accuracy rate of over 95% of forecasted predictions and is a cost-effective game-changer for the global ERP market which is touted to be over $32Bn by the turn of next year. We believe that our solution will soon emerge to be indispensable to businesses that use ERP systems.


  1. How are disruptive technologies like AI impacting today’s innovation?

According to a recent *report by Bain & Company, the AI market in the country is witnessing broad-based awareness and adoption among both enterprises and providers. This elucidates that the possibilities with AI are infinite. With business processes becoming far more data-driven than ever, enterprises can now be empowered with in-depth insights and effective recommendations by leveraging AI without going through the long routine processes.

Enterprise AI is the implementation of AI, which is seen as a strategic initiative aligned with the business strategy and goals, implemented across the enterprise, and is the integrated and holistic business initiative to acquire a leadership position in the market and gain a competitive advantage by becoming a data superpower. It helps organizations to make data-driven decisions, improve business processes, transform the products, and transform the business model resulting in growth in revenue, improvement in profitability, increased efficiency, reduced waste, increased resilience, reduced risks, and increased customer engagement.


  1. The advancement of AI technology has influenced customers on their current and future needs. Explain the challenges customers face to have the AI in place and how is Findability Sciences helping businesses.

AI is no longer just a popular term. According to a study by Accenture, AI has the potential to boost India’s economy by $957 billion by 2035, or 15% of the country’s current gross value added. A multisectoral AI application will create hitherto unattainable economic prospects.

AI promises to fill the gap at a time when India is attempting to reignite productivity and growth. Systems that can learn, adapt, and change with changing circumstances are made possible by AI, which can enhance profitability and transform enterprises across all sectors. In today’s day and age, where scalable AI solutions may be able to assist enterprises in being ready even amid unexpected crises, such systems are becoming more and more crucial.

We, at Findability Sciences, offer solutions that provide an opportunity for organizations to grow their business and align their business model to compete with digitally born organizations while improving their operational efficiency and retaining customers.


  1. How can businesses efficiently extract the value from data, without increasing cost and complexity?

Data can be a potent tool when you know how to control its overwhelming power and make insight-driven decisions. Many organizations struggle to maximize the value of their data because interpreting it can be tricky. Establishing a robust data framework and learning how to leverage data effectively can help enterprises stay competitive in the long run.

Organizations must utilize data in the same way that oil firms use crude oil and farmers use their land and crops to generate profit. Identify the sources, plant the “seeds,” extract the impurities, refine, store, and pipe them, build the infrastructure for distribution, nurture, cure, safeguard, and yield it.


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