Genefied: One-Stop Solutions for Supply Chain Traceability across sectors

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Ayush Jhawar, Co-Founder, Genefied


Q1. About Genefied, introduction, founders, what they do and the idea behind founding this startup.

Answer: The issue of counterfeit products has assumed significant importance worldwide as companies across the globe are battling fake offerings to save their hard-earned credibility and brand names. Genefied is dedicated to the fight against fake products and by offering solutions to ensure the availability and purchase of only genuine products, the startup is helping businesses across product categories and service domains.

A brainchild of Ayush Jhawar and Kapel Malhotra, Genefied came into being in 2018 and since then, it’s offering QR-code solutions to help differentiate real products from fake ones. Today Genefied is well-recognised for its solutions in the domains of anti-counterfeiting, loyalty management, traceability services, and digital warranty management services. Besides, the company is emerging as a significant player in offering allied business solutions such as Rewardify, Scan&Win, DWAM and SupplyBeam among others.


Q2. What makes you different from others in the industry, and share about the service(s) or product(s) you offer?

Answer: The unique selling proposition of our QR-code solutions is their multi-purpose benefits. Along with ensuring the authenticity of products, Genefied offers a one-stop solution for tracing the authenticity, warranty, loyalty, and supply chain of products and services across product categories and service domains. The multiple layers of authenticity offered by Genefied’s unique QR codes are one-of-its-kind in the industry and help companies to effectively maintain customer loyalty and manage Digital warranties.


Q3 What kind of infrastructure Genefied is creating to support growth, and How Genefied has niche solutions, and what are its unique selling points?

Answer: By harnessing the new-age technology, Genefied has come up with novel solutions that are helping brands scale up across the categories they operate in. Solutions offered by the company are helping its clients to maintain customer loyalty and make significant improvements in their disrupted supply chain networks. Genefied has a wide client base operating in FMCG, appliances, kitchenware, plywood and home equipment. Besides, the firm’s new-age solutions are also finding favour among companies operating in the domains of solar energy, electronics and fertilisers among others.


Q4. Tell us about your growth & expansion plans, also talk about the problems in your sector and how your Genefied provides solutions to them.

Answer: After winning the domestic market with its multi-purpose and innovative QR code-based solutions, Genefied is now expanding its footprints globally with overseas markets including Dubai being the prime target of its expansion activities in the near future. The primary issue that B2C companies today are contending with is related to loyalty management. With choices becoming abound, organisations are facing high customer churn and as a result, the focus on loyalty programs across industries is becoming more intense.  Genefied’s QR-based loyalty solutions are proving extremely helpful in reducing the customer turnover rate besides enhancing the efficiencies of supply chains for delivering superior customer experiences.


Q5 What are the modification techniques and solutions provided by Genefied to check brand authenticity across sectors?

Answer: GenuineMark is the flagship solution of Genefied and can be easily considered the leading Digital Anti-counterfeiting Solution available in the market today. This one-of-its-kind solution offers complete protection by tagging UID to each piece in the supply chain. The master carton containing these bits gets a parent code to double-proof the authenticity and transparency aspect. This UID code helps companies track the shipment of their products as they move across the value chain, i.e., from supplier to manufacturer to distributor to retailer to final consumers. This holistic control backed by state-of-the-art IoT platforms of Genefied ensures that its clients manage to keep a strict vigil on the authenticity of products and enjoy superior protection against counterfeit products.


Q6 What are the leading trends in supply chain management, and how digital technology might hasten food sustainability?

Answer: Digital Technology is already sweeping the world and its revolutionary potential in the supply chain and Logistics has just begun to emerge on the Global Horizon. The future of global supply chains will be dominated by Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation among others. The rollout of 5G Technology and the widening adoption of IoT devices are expected to further upgrade the efficiency of transportation, logistics, and warehouse management of companies.

As far as the food sustainability issue is concerned, the convolution of all these digital technologies will help to ensure food sustainability for future generations. By offering efficient and transparent solutions, digital technologies will help suppliers, manufacturers, customers and policymakers to efficiently manage supply chains to deliver more value to each and every stakeholder in the value chain.


Q7 How Automation and robotics, open IT platforms, and on-demand transportation will have a big impact on supply chains.

Answer: The role of technology is very much apparent in each and every sphere of life. In the specific context of the supply chain, the influence of technologies such as automation and robotics will take the pressure off manual interventions required to manage the supply chain activities across the stakeholders. This reduction in manual input is a good sign and over a period of time will make global supply chains more efficient, precise, and less prone to errors.

The use of new IT-enabled platforms, on the other hand, will lead to the development of new business models. This coupled with more intensive integration of IoT devices will make it possible for stakeholders to keep track of transportation and logistics on a real-time basis. In addition, the use of new technologies will also help to reduce counterfeit products while reducing the mismanagement of inventory and return orders.


Q8. What are the supply chain techniques that deliver competitive advantage?

Answer: The combination of AI, ML, and automation in the supply chain can equip an organisation with a distinctive competitive advantage over its rivals. QR codes are one such perfect example of different technologies converging and offering organisations an effective marketing tool to win over new customers while retaining existing ones. These codes can also be used to effectively manage inventory and digital warranties while keeping a close track of return orders. In sum, QR codes are a sure-shot way to assist businesses in achieving their business goals and attaining desired profitability.

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