How living security is pivotal for businesses

Venkat Krishnapur, Vice-President of Engineering and Managing Director, Trellix India, discusses the importance of living security, the advantages of XDR solutions, and how Trellix can be a game-changer for organizations.

  1. Can you talk about the trends that you are seeing and how they impact your business priorities in the region?

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. It is crucial, even though it is not always easy, to keep pace with all new developments in our industry. That said, we cannot let the cybercriminals get ahead of us at any time. The difference is they know when they will attack and how and we must outguess them to thwart their attempts every moment of the day. They need to strike just once to be successful at a time and place of their choice. For us it is a battle that has no rest at any time of the day.

Today, we are seeing increasing cases of ransomware attacks – putting companies at a high risk of losing valuable data.

Additionally, nation state attacks have also now evolved to include cyber attacks in their arsenal – this makes them not only highly damaging, but also puts the entire country at risk. Nation states are investing in cyber armies that are well trained, well equipped and always looking for loopholes to exploit that can cause immense harm to critical infrastructure and the defence of our nation.

Legacy cybersecurity infrastructure is also static and siloed, and often not capable of stopping complex system threats. To tackle this, companies are looking for solutions that sit on top of their existing security protocols – allowing their systems to be cutting edge, without the need to invest heavily in newer technologies.

Trellix is investing heavily in applying cutting edge data science, AI, and machine learning to collect all contextual information and provide accurate predictive recommendations to protect its clients from being breached.

We also offer customers the option to run our XDR capability on top of their existing security protocols – a critical need of the hour. Inherently, we are looking to democratise XDR, making high-end capabilities available for mid-market players.

Our XDR in cybersecurity is a platform that is focused on providing living security to enterprises, with a focus on security threat detection. XDR truly aims to solve the needle in the haystack problem where it is almost impossible for security experts to track the millions of alerts that occur every day through human means to identify the real threats.

With client and cloud-based analytics and the technological innovations resulting from advances in AI and ML and high speed computing, provide the ability for man and machine to collaborate effectively to narrow the problem scope resulting in faster and outcomes.


  1. Today, there is a myriad of cybersecurity vendors in the region. How can businesses pick the right solution for them?

Choosing the best security solution is a balancing act, with the need for a strong cybersecurity infrastructure often held up by financial and human resource limitations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two approaches to solving this problem. These technologies can drive adaptability and response through automated workflows, predict and detect attacks, identify root causes, and reduce operating expenses.

At the same time, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for cybersecurity. Organizations should select a security solution that addresses their specific requirements while considering their resource constraints. Trellix is enabling organizations in customising their security system by providing an open, interoperable platform that enables them to integrate the technologies they require to safeguard their operations.


  1. What differentiates Trellix from other public cybersecurity companies, particularly those providing XDR solutions?

Trellix is unique in its ability to secure the digital experience against cyber threats by leveraging threat intelligence capabilities developed by our sensor network’s scale and diversity. Our platform generates and prioritizes comprehensive threat insights from outside and inside the company to adaptively strengthen detection, plus responds in real-time to active threats. Our evolved XDR architecture, which is constantly learning, assists an organization in remaining secure.

We also have global threat monitoring, which prioritizes risks and outlines vulnerabilities proactively, as well as local vector telemetry, which surfaces insights from our end-to-end native footprint and vast open network of API partners. These inputs are fed into AI/ML analytics, which detect and counteract threats before they take hold. We also provide an open, integrated platform approach to cybersecurity, which enables customers to implement the specific technologies required to protect their unique operations.

Whilst there are many solutions in the market, an open platform that ingests data from many sources and has the technical innovations to sift the chaff from the wheat through high-speed data analytics and automating responses proactively or in real time will be the winner – which is where Trellix is going – that is XDR.


  1. What is the significance of living security?

Living Security aspires to provide a more targeted, data-driven approach—one that results in long-term changes in data protection. As we know, security threats are more active and sophisticated than ever before, and static and siloed solutions are simply insufficient to protect businesses. We recognise that there will be breaches by default. But a resilient platform like ours rapidly adapts to block threats. This is what living security is all about.

We have developed an XDR architecture that can be customized for any organization. It is native and open, allowing companies to manage a living IT ecosystem that is perfectly tailored to their individual needs. When incidents occur, living security also employs the best combination of expert advice, assistance, and automation to make security teams more effective and efficient. It strengthens organizations’ resilience by connecting a wide range of threat sensors and capabilities, ensuring the security of their operations. Our experts monitor and investigate threats and campaign activities, resulting in insightful and actionable threat intelligence on threat actors and their behaviour.

With such advanced behaviours, our platform is like a living organism – constantly learning and adapting – so businesses can always remain resilient to an ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

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