How Performance Marketing business help brands to enhance their reach and engagements

Adbuffs is a Kolkata-based digital-first performance marketing agency that automates digital advertisements for businesses to deliver tangible results. The brand is endeavoring to carve a niche in the D2C marketing industry with its laser focus on launching and scaling eCommerce brands worldwide, accelerating growth for their eCommerce companies’ partners.

Adbuffs was incorporated in 2019 in Bidhannagar, Kolkata, with the mission to aid D2C brands to scale and soar growth exponentially. Adbuffs is the brainchild of professionals Abhishek Maity and Ramasish Bhowmik. During their previous job tenures, they both comprehended that the Indian D2C market lacked real performance. Albeit all others focused on dashboards and platforms instead of brand creatives, messaging, and overall marketing.

The top marketing agency of Kolkata, Adbuffs, offers a holistic approach to designing digital marketing strategies for their D2C clients. Their expertise lies in Integrated Performance Marketing with both Content Team built in-house and their ability to combine algorithms with human intelligence to achieve excellence saliently.

 Mr. Ramasish Bhowmik, the Co-Founder and Director of Adbuffs share more insights on the same


  1. How are Media Buying Agencies helping their clients with media strategies?

Ans: Gone are those days when the Facebook dashboard could be played around with. Hence the nomenclature ‘media buying’ is soon going to be replaced by ‘creative strategy’ and that is exactly what agencies are helping out their clients with, rather should follow the same considering it the blueprint. You need to constantly try out your hands in writing copies and build creatives that would lure customers basis their interests, demographics, and lifestyle. For example, you sell  pens. Agencies would write the copies and create the graphics different for attracting those living in the urban cities and those in the suburbs. These creatives would again change when targeting collegegoers and when targeting homemakers.


2.What are the services a Media buying agency offers to their client?

Ans: Any SAAS platform that allows you to market/sell products/services virtually is scope for media buying agencies. Major service types include Facebook & Instagram marketing, Google Marketing, Amazon, Email and WhatsApp Marketing, CRO consultation, Creative services, and Social media marketing.


3.How can performance marketing build traffic for the sales funnel?

Ans: By the term ‘performance’ we mean the behavior of the target audience in this case. Accordingly, the sales funnel is built. The funnel structure is in an inverse pyramid format, which narrows down towards the end. The first funnel is to create ‘awareness’ amongst people. At this stage, we do not know any specific target audience we should attract. Hence we target the mass via social media. The second stage is the ‘interest’ stage. It is at this stage that we showcase great contents to educate the interest group so that they can make an informed decision. The third stage is the ‘decision’ making stage. Now the customer is ready, hence this is the time when you should show the best offers. Your content can compel the prospect to make a decision. Last is the ‘action’. The prospect is now ready and makes the purchase.

However, the role of performance marketers does not end here. Now their goal is to focus on customer retention.


  1. What are the innovations in mobile marketing and how it’s helping brands in enhancing their reach and engagements with eCommerce users?

Ans: Any kind of promotional activities that takes place on smartphones and other handheld devices is known as mobile marketing. Mobile optimized ads, push notifications and mobile applications are the major ways to reach the target audience. As a marketing strategy, businesses can now reach to a larger section of audience and at any given time and scenario, which is helping them engage with customers in a more personalized manner. Using features like mobile coupons, location-based offers, SMS, QR codes, businesses can now reach out to the end users be it at the wee hours of the day or in the quietness of the night, in a living room full of guests or in a boardroom meeting.


  1. Which trend do you think has been most effective and impacted your industry?

Ans: The introduction of Instagram reels has been most effective in the digital marketing industry. Reels are short, entertaining, and easily discoverable videos that bring brands to life on Instagram. Currently, there is no way to boost videos through ads and the only featured videos are hand-picked by the company. Hence reels provide a platform for authentic growth and engagement and show off creativity.


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