How the country’s first elder care app is enabling seniors to avail integrated, sustainable healthcare services

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Rahul Misra, Founder, Vesta Elder Care.

1- What was the inspiration behind Vesta Elder Care?

I first had the notion to launch Vesta Elder Care while I was having trouble caring for my elderly mother. I learned that compared to western nations, India has a lower level of awareness and organization around the belief in elder care. This concept inspired me to build a service company that specializes in elder care by training caregivers before pairing them with patients.

2- How does your application work and how does it help customers?

The application’s easy-to-use layout and user-friendly interface make it simple for seniors to operate. The app offers a comprehensive list of services, including nursing care, home physiotherapy, medical equipment rentals, and other services. The software also includes health trackers that can be used by family members to keep tabs on and monitor the well-being of their elderly loved ones. The vital reports and everyday updates about the patients/elderly can also be tracked via the app.

3- What is the need for an application for the well being of elderly people?

Nowadays, technology permeates every part of existence. Elders today use smartphones and are well aware of the benefits of technology. While manually seeking healthcare assistance is challenging and time-consuming, using an application is a more convenient and efficient way to do it. On the other hand, senior people who are struggling to perform their everyday activities comfortably and independently realize that they require elder care services, which today may be accessed through an app.

4- How many different languages do you have in your application interface?  Is there any new language you are planning to come up with in your application?

Our application is now available in the English language which is user-friendly and easy to understand. For elderly people to easily comprehend and use the app, we intend to introduce it in the Hindi language as well. We’ll also release the app in another language in the upcoming years while keeping in mind the consumer demand.

5- There are many different types of applications present in the healthcare industry. So in what manner your application is different?

The application provides users with access to health tracking tools, lab testing, critical care, rehabilitation, and home ICU setup in addition to assisting them in finding elder care assistance. The application may help manage the network of caregivers for older persons, allowing different family members to keep tabs on the well-being of their elderly or ill.

6- Does your application only work for Android users or is it for iOS users also?

The application works for both Android users and iOS users. Without requiring registration, it is available and may be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

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