Hyderabad-based AI-powered recruitment platform, TurboHire is revolutionizing the recruitment sector with 85% automation

As the hiring process has evolved from newspaper ads to job boards to social recruiting, the next wave of this industry is recruiting automation. From initial candidate sourcing to the final hiring decision, new technologies are coming to market quickly to address the latest hurdle. Today, the recruiting automation landscape encompasses nearly 70 different technologies, and coupling a skilled workforce with AI can reap benefits for companies, from time management to productivity. Mr. Deepak Agrawal, CEO, and Co-Founder, TurboHire engaged in an exclusive interview with CXOToday to share more insights on the same:



  1. How is AI influencing modern-day recruitment functions?

AI is here to make things more accurate and faster. For instance, AI-based screening can help in quick shortlisting of candidates leading to a substantial reduction in time and effort spent on screening. Moreover, it can also make evaluating and onboarding candidates a breeze by automating redundant tasks like interviewing, sending reminders, and collecting details, etc. In many companies, most interviewers are not humans but AI robots, programmed to assess answers, read facial cues and analyze the candidate’s abilities for the role. AI is making hiring even more precise, less cumbersome, and bias-free for HR teams and business leaders.


2. What are the unique key differentiators of your company? How is your platform making recruitment easier for enterprises?

TurboHire combines artificial intelligence and machine learning processing to catalyze hiring decisions. That’s not all. Our flexible solution can also be integrated with a company’s existing HRMS or HCM platform that can feed data automatically upon selecting a candidate and make informed decisions when it comes to hiring. By introducing intelligence (through AI) and automation into the overall recruitment system, TurboHire helps enterprises reduce their cost of bad hires – a metric that subsequently correlates to the profitability of the company.


3. Briefly discuss how you are achieving 85% automation, whereas the industry standard is 65-70%

Most organizations have achieved recruitment automation by 60-75% but TurboHire has unlocked 85% automation. Recruitment is not a single activity but involves 39 different activities spanned across 5 recruitment stages. These activities are candidate sourcing, pre-screening, skill assessment & interviews, offer & onboarding, and HR operations. Unlike other solutions, TurboHire executes these activities by using artificial intelligence and smart workflows to automate most tasks and avoid human intervention to reduce the error margin.


4. How unconscious bias can be tackled in recruitment automation?

Recruitment, when executed through processes that are entirely human-based, is prone to unconscious biases as well as fatigue. Automation in recruitment, on the other hand, will execute the same processes using machine-run workflows. In addition to this, the AI will take into account any inputs added by the recruiter such as preferences for education versus experience, and so on based on the nature of the job position. As a result, recruitment automation that uses AI will make the hiring process devoid of all biases including those of gender, ethnicity, and other sensitive subjects that have no correlation with the candidate or the organization and job roles in it.


5, In this cutthroat recruitment industry, what key technologies and features are helping you to stay ahead of the curve?

Our key technologies are artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). Our solution enables recruiters to screen the applications efficiently with the help of an AI-based screening tool as well as reach out to passive candidates with our outbound recruiting via LinkedIn and email. The passive candidates, while not being active in their job search can also  be an asset to the organization. By using our solution, TA (talent acquisition) professionals can enable intelligent interviews, automate their hiring tasks such as sending communications and reminders, as well as evaluate the applicant’s performance on assessments instead of manually checking their capability. Unlike the conventional recruitment solution of the System of Recruitment Execution, we focus on the System of Recruitment Automation. We enable HR professionals to streamline the company recruitment process with a scope for zero to negligible error.


6. Could you please elaborate on your growth strategy and future plans?

We are currently a team of 65 people across major cities of the country, catering to 150+ customers across 8 countries. We have recently secured funding of $2 million from investors and we will be deploying the amount to expand our global footprint as well increasing the platform’s capability to automate 95% of the recruitment process, i.e to create a recruiter bot. The latter will allow recruiters to entirely automate all those activities that can be executed by technology while they focus on those aspects of recruitment which are purely human-centric. This inevitably leads to improvement in the quality-of-hires. Our global expansion is aimed at contributing 25% of the overall revenue in the next 6 months. We are working with a razor focus on maintaining 20% MoM growth and rising up to primarily cater to organisations with a workforce greater than 500 members.

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