In conversation with Tata Tele Business Services on how they are driving digital transformation for SMEs

CXOTODay has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Vishal Rally,  Senior Vice- President,  Product, Commercial and Marketing, Tata Teleservices.


  1. What are some of the key partnerships and collaborations that come under TTBS current product portfolio? What are your key products offerings?

 As a progressive and trusted technology enabler, TTBS is focussed on democratizing technology for SMBs and Start-ups in India and bridging technology gaps across multiple sectors. Over the years, we have been involved in managing the enterprise IT ecosystem for thousands of our customers. Besides secure IT connectivity, we have now started offering SaaS and cloud  services and are continually expanding our product portfolio to provide innovative smart tech and cloud solutions like as Smartflo – an advanced cloud communication suite which is now integrated with WhatsApp Business Platform to offer an enhanced business communication experience, SmartOffice– a one-box start-up kit with voice, data, apps, storage, Ultra-Lola- a technologically superior point-to-point offering, with micro-second latency for BFSI companies , Smart Internet Leased Line – bundled with cloud security, SD-WAN iFLX an intelligently flexible solution (built on Fortinet’s platform) for network optimization, and a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions across industries.

We have entered into strategic market alliances with Zoom Video Inc, Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, and WhatsApp Business Platform to offer integrated digital solutions to enterprises. These are companies with respective specialised expertise in the communication and collaboration space where TTBS customers can leverage their world-class offerings. This will enable their employees and partners to stay hyper connected, collaborate effectively and access centralised resources in a secured manner.

  1. What is the strategic importance behind TTBS collaborating with Microsoft Azure?

Enterprises are increasingly realigning their business models to respond to dynamic business environments by moving their core operations to the cloud. Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has vast network across the country and with our unparalleled cloud-managed services, we are well entrenched to take Microsoft Azure to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Complementing our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, with Microsoft Azure we can now offer a superior cloud infrastructure that empower enterprises to jumpstart their cloud journey in a secured, and scalable manner.

SMBs can look forward to a predictive and agile cloud platform that facilitates scaling-up of business applications more quickly, efficiently and at a great price performance. Our customers can have access to new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to make better and more informed business decisions. This will also entail additional savings to SMBs on infrastructure and IT management costs as they will get 24*7 single window support and managed services from TTBS.

  1. How 2022 has shaped TTBS in terms of business, portfolio expansion, and achievement?

TTBS has been continually pushing boundaries by introducing newer and smarter technologies to

build a robust digital infrastructure framework and strengthen its customer service proposition. These measures have enabled to effectively meet our customers’ evolving needs and enhance their competitiveness. We have also upgraded our flagship products with enhanced client servicing tools and provided our customers with extensive cloud-communication solutions to help them build operational efficiency.

We are amongst the first company in the enterprise segment that has been focussed towards enabling and simplifying digital transformation of the SMBs. We have a comprehensive grasp of our customers across all industrial categories and delivering greater business value to our customers has been integral to our business vision. We will keep assisting SMBs with their evolving technology needs and expand our service offerings, particularly in the SaaS, IaaS, and Cloud domains.

Our customer-centric approach has awarded us with industry recognitions like the CII Customer Obsession Awards for Active Customer Engagement, Asia Pacific Stevie Award 2022-Silver for innovative use of technology in customer service, this year.

  1. What are the trends expected in 2023 which will catalyse the cloud communication ecosystem in enterprise communication?

As businesses are modernizing their operations, they wish to provide their customers with seamless support and experiences across all digital touchpoints. Digital is becoming the foundation of changing customer behaviour and pattern, resulting in increased business efficiency and maximum consumer satisfaction.

Cloud mainly in the form of SaaS and IaaS will see more proliferation in 2023 as enterprises require smart solutions for their business growth. Pay-as-you-use models as well as faster turn-up of applications will provide further impetus. Cloud growth is feeding data centre growth. Telcos are busy connecting fat pipes in the hundreds of Gigs to these ballooning data centres on the one side and software-defined wide area networking (SDWAN) is emerging as the de-facto WAN solution.

Organizations across industries and sectors are embracing new technological interventions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics, etc that have revolutionized the omni-channel experience to stay ahead of the curve. Adopting an omni-channel approach will become a critical business imperative in 2023.  This binds all customer-facing interfaces integrated at the backend and helps in creating a better experience for customers across platforms be it web apps, mobile apps, intelligent chatbots etc.

  1. How are companies experimenting with digital workplaces for enhanced workforce efficiency?

Business have realized that the efficiency of a hyper connected digital-first workforce can be enhanced simultaneously while reducing the overall operational costs. With companies, big and small rapidly digitising their core operations, there has been an increase in virtual communication and collaboration. This is changing the way work is distributed and sourced apart from managing and developing the talent. The digital workplaces seamlessly bind all the core applications of work, like email, chat, voice and video calling, collaboration, storage, task management, security tools etc. All these come with TTBS service assurance, customised plans, and solutions that meets the data, voice, productivity, security, and cloud solutions requirements of the businesses.

Enterprises, particularly, SMBs today want solutions which are nimble, quick to install, quick to scale up and most importantly affordable. With digital workplace tools they can develop operational resilience, collaborate with their employees and customers across geographies, boost communication, increase productivity, and positively influence innovation.

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