In conversation with Vikalp Jain, Co-Founder & CTO, Shvasa

Vikalp Jain introduces Shvasa, a technology driven immersive virtual yoga platform, its unique features and its ability to take yoga to the world. 

What are the USPs of Shvasa? And what makes it distinctive in the wellness market in India?

Shvasa is the only full-stack wellness platform from India, centered around centuries of compounded wisdom. We have a structured approach to the practice of Yoga and meditation. Our pedagogy and technology are our strengths. Technology has enabled us to give the best experience to our customers and help them form a habit for life. Shvasa’s live classes are tailor-made for the specific need of students. For instance, if you are looking for help with chronic back pain and have never done Yoga before, you will be in a different class than someone who has done it earlier. We also focus on both the physical and mental health needs of consumers in today’s high-stress environment. Shvasa is Yoga for the world, from India. It is a truly Made in India platform.

Insights on how Shvasa is providing a service that is reliable, convenient, and efficient

Our platform has been built ground up for Group, live classes. When you sign-up here, you don’t need any other platform. The entire process of booking a class, attending it, or watching the recording, is integrated into our platform. You can use our website or iOS and Android app to book/reschedule the classes. The platform is build keeping in mind scale we envision for us in the next few years, currently there are a few thousand people practicing yoga on our platform.


How can Shvasa, through its digital ability, take Yoga to the world?

Our authentic and holistic take on yoga combined with a purpose-built platform is already very popular. When we started looking at the yoga market in the west, we were surprised at what was being offered and the absolute lack of personalization in this space. Yoga was always taught in small groups, even centuries ago. While remaining true to the practice, we create curriculums based on the users’ goals and evaluate their progress. In a studio next to your home, there will just be one yoga class that everyone attends – at Shvasa we have several classes taught simultaneously and match users to the right class ensuring they get all the benefits of their practice. Ultimately we aim to help the world create a habit for life and do it daily.

Your thoughts on how technology is helping people connect globally and practice yoga together

Over the last 3-5 years, live-streaming technology has made significant advances. Today in our live classes, several people come and practice yoga together. It almost feels like a yoga studio. Also, due to the progress we’ve made on the internet bandwidth side, our teachers can take classes from remote parts of India. We can hire the best teachers without worrying about their physical location or relocation.


Insights into having Arunima Singhdeo as a partner in this venture. She is a tech wiz and an incredible female Entrepreneur- Whats it like to associate with her on Shvasa?

Arunima has a very unique blend of product and marketing skills. This, combined with her second-to-none passion for yoga means that no one else could have built this business better than her. I am very lucky to have met her and look forward to scaling Shvasa with her.


Background information on Shvasa’s successful founders and their entrepreneurial vision for the brand’s plans

All three of us have the experience of founding B2C businesses and scaling them to multi-million-dollar revenue. We also have a very complementary skill set. Each of us has been a yoga practitioner for over 10 years and personally experienced the benefits that it brings. With Shvasa, we would like people all over the world to experience the same.

How was the year 2022 in terms of business growth? Any plans for market expansion? Please assist with case studies.

The year 2022 has been great for Shvasa. We started in late 2021 and have been pleasantly taken aback by the response received. We started with the USA, expanded to Canada, and then the middle-east. We will be expanding to other geographies shortly.


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