India becoming the Engineering Centre of the World

Railways, Aviation, Power, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Auto and Consumer durables are majorly driving the engineering sector in India today. New emerging sectors like Semiconductors, EVs and Renewables are also booming in India, owing to India’s Make In India program and the government’s initiatives and allocation of funds towards it. We also observe significant employee growth in the EV (108%) and Semiconductor Manufacturing sector (27%) over the last two years. Mr Aditya Narayan Mishra, Managing Director and CEO, CIEL HR Services share more insights on the same.


  1. How has the core engineering sector evolved post-pandemic?

Boom in the manufacturing industry, EV sector, there is a buzz in the semiconductor industry with investments announced from some of the biggest conglomerates in the country.


  1. What are the current engineering roles in demand in various sectors?

Data Science, Data Analytics, Instrumentation Engineers, Software Engineers, Full Stack Developers, AI & ML Experts, DevOps Engineers, Information Security Analyst, Big Data Engineering. India has evolved strongly as a hub of design, engineering and manufacturing for several global companies across industry sectors right from aviation, fluidics and transportation to chemicals, life sciences and construction. We see demand for mechanical, electrical, structural and chemical engineers in large numbers.


  1. Can you elucidate on non-engineering job roles in engineering sectors?

HR, Procurement, Supply chain, Admin, Finance


  1. Employability of engineers has become a challenge. Your views on bridging this gap.

Upskilling, updating curriculum with the latest employer needs and technology advancement, more practical level projects and assignments to be added. At the K12 levels, we have to develop and encourage our children to be curious, creative and analytical at the same time. We have to help them understand career paths and prospects for various domains and help them discover their interests and passions. Our NEP has intended to address these; we hope, employability increases in the days ahead.

India has 198 engineering seats available per Lakh of its population. This needs to increase without compromising the quality of education we provide.


  1. What are the emerging fields or areas of specialization in the engineering sector?

Electronics is the current emerging field in India, with many MNCs from across the globe setting up their R&D and Global Design centers in India.

IT, computer science, Mechanical and Electrical continue to be in demand.


  1. Current outlook and demand for engineers across India and globe?

India produces around 15 lac engineering graduates every year, becoming one of the largest providers of engineers. Rapid growth in technology day by day has only bolstered the demand for engineers across the globe. India is a destination for many MNCs across the globe for its immense engineering talent from A-grade institutes that possess excellent statistical and problem-solving skills that are highly required to survive in this fast-paced world.


  1. How crucial is R&D in this field of engineering sciences ?

R&D is crucial for India to move rapidly towards becoming Atmanirbhar. Over the years, many major global semiconductor companies, automotive, auto components, electronic components, agriscience, life sciences and many more have established their chip development R&D centers in India. This has built a critical demand for engineering talent. Given the Analytical thinking, statistical and innovative skills of engineers, they are very crucial in designing the prototypes and driving these pilot projects in India


  1. Any interesting details or information with regards to this rapidly evolving field ?

India becoming the Engineer of the World

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