Navdeep Gill, Co-Founder, XenonStack, shares insights into why his brand, XenonStack, India’s Leading cloud computing platform happens to be a trusted platform across International markets

XenonStack is one of India’s fastest-growing technology consulting companies that facilitate businesses by leveraging cloud-native and AI to deliver data-centric experiences. The brand was founded in April 2012 with a vision of Cloud and Real time Analytics enabling the ability to drive digital transformation and reinventing businesses making their systems more agile, convenient and effective. XenonStack also provides awareness around Cloud storage, Big Data and also ropes in the role of AI to help streamline these offerings in a flawless, time-effective manner.


  1. What does XenonStack Do? How different are your brand offerings in comparison to other competitors in the market? Which sectors and clients do you cater to?

We are a Cloud Native and Data Intelligence Company and provide technology consulting and services that digitize and futurize businesses by leveraging cloud-native and AI to deliver data-centric experiences. Our services include Technology Consulting and Digital Platform Strategy, Assessment and Remediations, Development and Implementation, and Digital Operations ( Managed Services, SRE, Observability ).

We are an industry-agnostic company and the services we offer can help most sectors scale up and transform digitally. Currently, we have a strong presence in USA and UAE. Our team comprises 120+ employees with an analytic approach while focusing on enterprise agility and security. With Xenonstack, organizations get end-to-end solutions which are driven by data and outcome.


  1. How is XenonStack using Modern technology in providing its never seen service to end consumers?

We are a tech-savvy brand that helps companies gain a strong foothold in the digital world. We use Cloud-Native, Cloud Platform Engineering, Data Engineering, IoT, Real-Time Analytics, Computer Vision and EDGE AI to offer solutions to our clients. We serve Cloud Security and Observability to help make businesses more secure and insulated. We use SRE and Managed Services to help our clients with Metaverse, 5G, Metadata, Composable Data and Analytics.


  1. Do share an overview or insight into industry-led challenges & who is in store for the sector in the years to follow.

With digitization as the new norm, there will be a need to build a tech-savvy workforce and understand the ever-evolving technology. Therefore, access to a skilled talent pool could be one of the challenges that the industry needs to tackle. Besides this, cyber security threats are bound to increase with an increase in digitization.

Post pandemic, the work module continues to be remote working or hybrid working and this new work framework will need to be figured out by the industry.

To put it in a nutshell, hiring the right talent, staying ahead of the curve with technological advancements and adapting to the ever-changing customer behaviour are the key measures for scalability and resilience for any business in this digital era.


  1. Do you have a representation only in India OR globally as well? If not, then do you intend to go global anytime soon?

We currently have a strong presence in India and we are now expanding into the overseas market as well. We aim to gain a strong foothold pan India and in USA and Dubai as well. The demand for IT services in the post-COVID era is rising manifold. As the industries pivot towards digitization, so does our clientele. We have doubled we are actively hiring lateral and fresh talent. As part of our “Xenonstack 4.0” strategy, we will be moving our headquarters to the USA and have already established a branch office in Dubai. India will serve as a Delivery centre by the end of 2022.


  1. What is the importance of business automation in today’s context, especially post the pandemic & how is Xenon innovating in this department

The world post-pandemic is all about AI and automation. In the near future, we will see augmentation in automation and robotics with enhanced data analysis and visibility. Automation is the buzzword because it will increase productivity by removing the scope for human error. The production rate will accelerate as will the quality of services. Besides this, having automation as part of the process with help with cost, time and resource optimization while leaving the creative tasks to the human force which will eventually lead to innovation. We have the tools to help our clients with the same and we continue to prune and perfect the processes.


  1. Your take on conversational AI and how will it Shape The Future Of Businesses? 

    Conversational AI has already seeped into everyday life and become the norm. It will continue to be a standard preferred consumer engagement method in Digital commerce. Investing in this future-ready technology is crucial for long-term growth and expansion. Conversational AI has immense learning capabilities, and in the future, we can expect it to handle more advanced tasks as it gains access to more data. This will further free up human workers to focus on more specific or complex tasks. Conversational AI is moving towards Personalization to increase the user experience, reduce the cost of operations and help in scaling up operations exponentially. Additionally, Conversational AI in the future will be able to handle complex conversations better as current research focuses on automating and accelerating the training process to understand users’ inputs better and improve the quality of responses.

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