Our all-inclusive functionality HRMS Software addresses all aspects of employee demands, Says Mr. Haresh Awatramani, CEO, Beehive.

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Haresh Awatramani, CEO, Beehive HRMS Solution,  India’s fastest-growing HR Tech platform.


Give us a quick overview of Beehive and how it has impacted the market or supported its customers.

Our all-inclusive functionality HRMS Software addresses all aspects of employee demands and transforms how businesses manage and engage their employees to drive business growth. We are strategically positioned as an employee wellness programme that helps with talent management and succession planning, employee engagement, lowering attrition and creating a happy work culture, assisting organisations in reducing revenue leakage due to incorrect calculations, and maintaining transparency. In terms of impact, we are proud to have served over 300,000 users and to have a presence in over 5 countries and 30 industries, making us the one-stop shop for all human resource needs.


What is one significant HR transition that has recently been entirely led? What critical areas should business lease leaders focus on in the post-pandemic world?

The evolution and acceptance of the Hybrid Working Model triggered a significant HR transformation. It has made a breakthrough and is here to stay. Companies are working to design work that revolves around employee-driven flexibility, culture connectedness, and human leadership across all functions in order to create an employee-centric model for the hybrid environment.

Leaders should prioritize employee well-being and in-person work experience for Generation Z in the post-pandemic world. Measuring current experience or overall well-being in relation to employee performance and intention to remain with the company. To attract and retain talent, HR leaders must incorporate well-being into their talent management practices. Finally, while the younger generation is familiar with hybrid work (having finished school and entered the workforce during the pandemic), experience is limited. Take note of Generation Z’s expectations for the post-pandemic workplace. These entry-level hires’ requirements will influence office redesign decisions, onboarding support, and development opportunities.


What are the critical macro disruptions influencing your business priorities?

The significant disruption for us right now is good talent. Globally, there is a talent shortage in all markets and companies. The need for skilled workers is challenging, and hiring well-trained professionals are becoming more complex and time-consuming. The following is the hybrid working environment, which has had a long-term impact on employee productivity and overall development. From a business standpoint, there is some stagnation due to the lengthy decision-making process and people’s confidence in returning to pre-covid normalcy.


What are some of the major trends in talent management brought about by Covid?

Three key trends in talent management post Covid-19 includes – Virtual Recruitment; companies are turning to virtual means of interviewing and onboarding to ensure an uninterrupted recruitment process. Second being the focus on Employee Wellbeing: Companies have built emphasis on Employee Wellness strategy and are working on a comprehensive framework to determine the gaps. The focus is to avoid attempting to capture all areas of wellbeing into one bucket, and rather assess the different dimensions of wellbeing such as one’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social needs. Tech too has played a huge role for this.

Last but not the least is the Tech integration in Human Resources; Companies now have a wonderful opportunity to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their employment strategy, thanks to rapid technical breakthroughs. Furthermore, with the help of AI, businesses can better coordinate with their remote worker team, no matter where they are in the world.


What are the brand’s current milestones and future roadmap?

In terms of milestones, there are many. We began as a cloud-native HR software solution before transitioning to an HRMS product with core HR Modules. We also launched Azure cloud services with core modules. DIESL (Tata Group) has recognized our HR application, and SME Channel has recognized our enterprise version of the product, payroll and compliance management, and many other value-added features. We have also been awarded in the Tech sector as the most influential tech leader by Techplus Media Group. ISODA in Doha has also recognized us for our software solution. Aside from that, in 2022, we received the CRN excellence award in the enterprise Application category, as well as two awards at the Gates ICT event: the Gates Gold award for overall outstanding performance and the Emergent vendor of the year award.

We have periodically focused on product development to enable organizations to function during pandemic and maintain efficiency afterwards. We have steadily expanded our reach over a period of time. Our future roadmap will emphasize employee wellness and employee wellbeing as key parameters while focusing on the product.


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