Ozonetel redefines the future of call centers with AI to enhance customer experience

With AI dominating the future of cloud telephony sector,  Ozonetel aims to augment its call center platform heavily with AI both from product and scale perspective. Ozonetel’s AI-based omnichannel capabilities enable businesses automate customer communications at every step and provide AI-based insights for effective use of their call center data. Its CaaS (Call Center as a Solution) provides 50% cost-advantage to businesses The company will soon be releasing its AI-driven Unified Channel Experience Management (UCXM) platform for voice and digital channels, empowering businesses to design and deliver consistent customer experience across communication channels.

The company is on aggressive growth path and is rapidly expanding the team to innovate. Ozonetel plans to dedicate a whole division specially for Artificial Intelligence and is actively looking for tech and content talent in AI– AI developers, AI content writers who will work on technologies like OpenAI, Dalle, etc. With the recently raised Series A funding of USD 5 million from Stakeboat Capital, the company has expanded its US operations and witnessed 100% increase in employee strength. Mr. Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Product Officer, Ozonetel in a discussion with CXOToday share some insights on the same.


  1. What is Ozonetel’s product focus and how are you deploying AI and analytics across products and solutions?

Ozonetel is focused on creating products that make it simple for businesses to enable better customer experiences at every step of the customer journey, in a scalable, efficient manner. Today, AI and analytics play a key role in making this happen, and this is the reason AI is at the core of our communication platform.

Today any business using our platform can set up and scale AI-first customer interaction channels. Intelligent bots can answer calls or respond to chats on any digital channel while working in tandem with human agents. There will be a smooth handover of calls from bots to human agents whenever the inquiry is too complex, or better suited for one is to one human interaction.

Meanwhile, in the background, every single one of these conversations can be processed by AI-based conversational intelligence, in real-time. This means live dashboards can let supervisors know about customer sentiment and call quality monitoring issues in real-time. This intelligence can be used to pinpoint agent training needs on one end and enable businesses with deep customer intelligence on the other end. Eventually, these pieces will stitch together to enable intelligent assistance for all frontline employees. An AI-based assistant will prompt employees with the right data needed to convert customers, enable hyper-personalized conversations, and offer helpful, consultative sales or support, as required at critical touchpoints.


  1. How are Ozonetel’s AI-based omnichannel solutions helping enterprises transform their call centers?

Today our customers are using our AI-based solutions to quickly scale up support across voice channels, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and chat windows. Businesses are seeing an uptick in self-service adoption across these channels and this is reducing call volumes for the call centers, reducing average wait times, and increasing csat scores. On the backend, since our solutions seamlessly integrate with their CRM solutions this enables a consistent experience for their customers while simplifying data entry and management for the employees and businesses.

Businesses are using our AI-based real-time and historical Speech Analytics to help their call centers to pinpoint agent training requirements, reduce escalations, increase first call resolutions, and complement CSAT reviews with a far more granular understanding of the customer experience. This is helping them improve agent training and build better customer service experiences.


  1. How do you plan to attract new talent for the AI division?

We plan to dedicate a whole division specially for Artificial Intelligence and we are actively looking for tech and content talent in AI- AI developers, AI content writers who will work on technologies like OpenAI, Dalle, etc. For acquiring AI talent, we plan on conducting hackathons and developer outreach. Acquiring AI talent has not been a major problem for us yet.


  1. Highlight some of the use cases of AI-based cloud telephony solutions across sectors- Edtech, Fintech, Retail, etc. to improve CX.

Our solutions are vertical agnostic. Currently, we have use cases within eCommerce, logistics, banking, healthcare, pharma, and insurance segment. These solutions include AI-based chatbots to enable fast, automation-first responses to queries; self-service voice-based solutions that make it easy for customers to cancel bookings, see the status of their delivery or their lab reports; and finally, speech analytics solutions that are helping call center supervisors track customer sentiment across thousands of calls ensuring every single call is checked for various quality parameters. These solutions also help supervisors identify their star performers and identify training needs for all their agents.


  1. Share a brief on Ozonetel’s business outlook for the next 2 years.

Over the next two years, Ozonetel is planning to aggressively increase its presence in the United States while continuing to grow its India business. We will be investing in heavily in AI as well as creating better user interfaces. We will continue to ensure high-touch customer service and will be expanding all our teams to ensure that we continue to offer a customer-centric business model while we scale up and triple our user base in the next two years.


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