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Employment, Job, and Placement are a few words that can catch the attention of any eligible candidate these days. But most of us are unable to land our desired jobs, even after getting professional degrees from the best colleges. Whether it is because of the lack of confidence to appear for an interview or the lack of proficiency in the skill, we at Prepinsta believe that nothing should hold you back. We strongly believe that education trends in India are changing and it is all for good. There are new teaching techniques being introduced like live online classes, one to one mock interviews for a better learning experience for the students.  Mr. Manish Agarwal  – Co-Founder & CMO of PrepInsta in a discussion with CXOtoday shared more insights on the same.


1. What are the current Education trends in India?

As an EdTech startup, we are convinced that India has enormous potential to develop a skilled workforce in the educational sector, and market trends support this belief. PrepInsta Prime will includes more than 150 courses in a single membership. It will include courses such as Placement Preparation, UpSkilling, and Coding, among others, to broaden the breadth of work options for candidates. By the end of 2022, we hope to have up-skilled roughly 100K people. PrepInsta prime will also continue to add new courses in response to market demand. We intend to have at least 300 courses in our repertoire by the conclusion of the current calendar year.

The corporation is expanding its reach in the foreign market as well as in India, where it has a 95 percent market share. The company intends to do this, and they anticipate doubling their employee base.


2. How can OTT platforms help in placements and skill development.

Parents nowadays want to see their children develop holistically, not just academically, but also in terms of developing necessary skills. However, the truth remains that India has a skills gap, and students are turning to online education to safeguard their employability. As a result, it’s no surprise that upskilling and online certification courses now make up a considerable portion of India’s online education sector. The OTT platform is a game-changer for students since it assists them with critical skill development, learning to code, end-to-end placement preparation, and interview preparation, which is the most important component of landing a good job.


3. Is ed-tech a ray of hope for transforming the learning experience?

The internet has become such an inseparable part of our lives that it is rare to come across someone who does not use it on a regular basis. In today’s environment, students must be able to access the internet from any location at any time in order to be able to pursue their education without having to travel all over the place or wait for a seat in an offline renowned institution.

Since, in offline classroom training coding and soft skills are often ignored, we have started collaborating with colleges in the form of B2B to make sure that the maximum number of students have the access to online skill development courses.

Ed-tech has made it possible for students to access the data for higher education and competitive exams with the ease of a touch. Not only the accessibility but the new teaching techniques developed with thorough research is something that we can really call a ray of hope for transforming the learning experience.


4. What type of professional development and support do you provide?

We at Prepinsta make sure that we are preparing our candidates to land in the best jobs suited to them. We have a set of services that we provide to the candidates. Since we are talking about getting a job in the corporate sector we have designed the curriculum according to that. We have aptitude, coding, soft skills, certification courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Interview preparation and other topics required to get placed in companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Cisco, DXC, Microsoft, etc.

Clearing the aptitude test is not enough for securing a job in the big MNCs and other good companies, the aptitude test is followed by interviews. It is not a day’s hard work to excel in an interview so, we have also designed the program in the same way. As we prepare the candidates for the aptitude tests simultaneously we keep preparing them for interviews by holding mock interviews.


 5. How Edtech companies are solving placement problems 

As a leading and trusted platform in the Ed-tech sector with almost 2million unique visitors every month we may be the most appropriate to answer this question. We are a country with the world’s second-largest population and the world’s largest population of youth. With this large population comes a lot of competition among the students to thrive in any field. And despite holding such manpower and resources we as a country are not able to provide education and job opportunities to even the most deserving candidates. This is due to the almost zero availability of coaching in the rural parts of the country and even small towns.

This is where ed-tech steps in, providing the students with the best material for the preparation of aptitude and interviews based on the requirements of the companies. Prepinsta prepares candidates for interviews through live, mock interviews on a regular basis making them more confident for the actual interviews. Ed-tech has certainly made the process of placements easier for candidates by introducing the most advanced ways of teaching powered by AI.

6. Which are the most trending tech courses generally Users subscribe to?

Users these days are very much aware of the market value of the tech courses. The top trending courses that they generally subscribe to are cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Full Stack web development, PowerBI, Deep learning, and Neural Net, and Ethical Hacking.

7. Any new technology courses you are looking to add to the platform 

We keep on adding new courses on our platform as per the requirement of the candidate. Currently, we have more than 150 courses available on Prepinsta. If we plan to add more courses on technology according to the market demand I believe we have a few in lines like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Big Data analytics, and BlockChain Technology.

8. Is the company planning any certification course in tech?

At Prepinsta we offer nano degrees. These are certification programs of 4-8 days of duration. We offer these nano degrees in tech as well as language courses like Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Full Stack (MEAN), Python and Java.

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