Promate Technologies, The worldwide leader in electronic and computing DMS expands in Indian Markets.

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj Head of India and SAARC, Promate Technologies

1.Since Promate has recently entered the market, what are the challenges?

Our story began in Taipei, Taiwan, in early 2001 as a brainchild of a group of industry leaders from Asus, Foxcon and Pegatron. Today after numerous industry-leading awards and millions of happy consumers, Promate Technologies is the leading provider of lifestyle accessories products ranging from Smartwatches to Audio, Apple-certified accessories and more. We are successfully operating in 100+ countries as on date. Promate strength is its strong product line-ups under 20+ categories; hence our partner and retailers all across the globe understand our commitment and support us to establish strongly in all territories. We may encounter slight challenges like other brands when it comes to positioning and building confidence among consumers. Still, with our case studies and learning for almost two decades, we act proactively to overcome and try to capture all available opportunities to take Promate to our consumers.


2.How does Promate manage to innovate with rapidly changing technology?

Promate has been in operation since 2001. We certainly adapted all various technologies in the last 20+ years, and hence we are successfully operating through various channel and retail partners across the globe. We will ensure to do the same in future as well to stay consistent with the ever-updating technology and adapt the same to our products.


  1. What according to you are the top 3 key features a consumer is looking for in a wearable brand?

Wearable has become a primary product like Smartphones. Consumers certainly become more cautious on choosing a wearable, unlike other accessories or attachments. Consumers majorly choose a wearable for Health Monitoring and Activity tracking purposes; another key feature a consumer expects is a good Battery backup. Considering these key criteria, Promate Smartwatches offer best in class chipset for effective Monitoring and tracking. We also ensure that our consumers know the chipsets and sensors equipped in Promate Smartwatches. In addition, Promate Smartwatches offers the best battery backup on all of its models.


4.What sets Promate apart from competitors in terms of design and production capabilities?

Any product-oriented brand’s long-term success is due to its strong R&D and Product engineering team. Promate has one of the strong Product teams behind its long-lasting success and that makes us the worldwide leader for our products.


5.How is Promate planning to expand in the upcoming financial year?

India market is our utmost focus in the upcoming years. We are determined to set up a strong base by aligning ourselves with strong distribution and retail partners. We will ensure Promate products are available at all major offline and online retail stores to have an easy access to our consumers. Our key focus will be on brand building and parallel we will be working on to expand India team as well.

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