SCS Smart solutions for Digital Transformation of India by SCS Tech

SCS integrates the real and the digital world adding value to the entire value chain from design to implementation, optimized with continuous data analytics. A modern digital India can harness the immense power of data by gaining valuable insights to make fast and confident decisions. Mr. Sujit Patel, MD, SCS Tech shares more insights on the same.


  1. SCS Tech being an IT solution company is providing solutions in various domains. Please elaborate.

SCS Tech expertise in Cyber Security, Disaster / Emergency Command and Control Centre, GIS, Cloud Solutions, IoT, and Digital Transformation using technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic process automation (RPA), and modern tools and techniques


2. What are the solutions involved in the smart development on the cities?

The impact of Internet of Things on modern society cannot be underestimated. In one way or another, it has enabled us to connect with our devices and our surroundings. By using this technology, cities are now striving to become “smart” instead of just being titled as developed. Solutions like Smart infrastructure, Smart Roads, surveillance, solid waste management, Smart Parking are some of the solutions for smart city development


3. How is SCS Tech different from its competitors

Unlike large companies we are hardware and software agnostic which helps us to provide the best solutions which is inclined to user requirement. The complete solution is designed as per the requirement to achieve digital transformation of the organization which is user & process-centric.


4. What are the benefits of doing digitization business in India?

India has more than half a billion internet subscribers, making it one of the fastest and largest growing markets for digital consumers and digitization. Today, India is one of the most digitally forward countries globally, having adopted digitization in almost every Indian living aspect, be it hospitality, healthcare, finance, or tourism. Digitalization will help enhance effectiveness, profitability, and overall growth. This, in turn, benefits the economy and allows for maximum consumer benefits and satisfaction.


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