Securing businesses end-to-end in the Zero Trust era

Insights by Mr. Sarabjeet Khurana, Country Manager, India & SAARC, DigiCert on how DigiCert helping businesses expand Project Matter compliance to Indian businesses, importance of Project Matter compliance to secure personal data for smart home users and updates on DigiCert ONE, is developed with cloud-native architecture and technology to solve today’s security challenges.


  1. Security has become a core principle of identity protection since identities can take the form of walled gardens when organizational perimeters are eroding and workforce mobility is increasing. What role does Digicert play in securing identities to establish digital trust in India?

With the endless increase in new devices, systems and connections, the traditional corporate boundary no longer exists. Remote and hybrid workforces make securing a sprawling corporate infrastructure even more complex. While Cybersecurity Mesh and Zero Trust initiatives offer blueprints for ensuring everything that connects to an enterprise is known and trusted, organizations still need the right tools to deploy and manage complex corporate environments.

As the world’s leading provider of digital trust, DigiCert gives companies the platform and workflows to secure user and device identities. Our digital trust management platform, DigiCert ONE, is developed with cloud-native architecture and technology to solve today’s security challenges. DigiCert ONE offers multiple management solutions and is designed for all PKI use cases. Its flexibility allows it to be deployed on-premises, in-country or in the cloud to meet stringent requirements, custom integrations and airgap needs. It delivers end-to-end centralized user and device certificate management, a modern approach to providing digital trust across dynamic IT architectures.


2. In what ways will Matter compliance lead to a next-generation standard for smart homes? 

Up until now, smart home device-to-device communication across brands has been lacking. But as Matter becomes widely available for smart home consumers, it will mean more compatibility with more devices, making it easier to purchase a secure and seamless connected smart home, regardless of brand.

Matter unified the connected device industry, including all the biggest names in smart home — think Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung — and will now be a global standard that enables secure, seamless digital connection.


3. Why does Matter, matter? Does the technology integrate well with Indian companies, and how will the user benefit from this?

Matter is built as a global standard that manufacturers around the world can comply with, and will enable consumers to simplify their connected homes and manage devices from a single voice assistant of their choice.


4. How Matter will compete among others and what can DigiCert do to help manufacturers become Matter-compliant?

Rather than a competitive initiative, Matter is a cooperative and industry-led effort to improve interoperability, security and reliability among leading smart-home devices.

DigiCert has been involved with the Matter effort for several years and has played a key role in helping to develop the security standard for how smart home manufacturers can achieve device attestation. This standard helps authenticate the device’s legitimate identity, protects data transmitted to and from the device, and ensures the integrity of data during firmware updates throughout the device lifecycle.

To gain device attestation, each device must contain a unique digital certificate. DigiCert achieves this for manufacturers by issuing digital certificates from its root Certificate Authority that is trusted by Matter. This requires several investments in technology and compliance with Matter. This in turn eases the burden for companies, who don’t need to be PKI experts and invest heavily in the technology themselves. DigiCert can host this for them and provide rapid time to market to help them become Matter compliance. Companies using DigiCert can benefit from full device lifecycle security through our DigiCert ONE platform.



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