Strengthening The SMB Sector With Simplified IT

With digital transformation becoming a necessity for survival, SMBs are forced to try out several small things before solidifying on an IT strategy. Driven by the burden of investment, not knowing where to start and fear of missing out, businesses often overlook their IT management strategy and think short-term. Under this new reality is the constant struggle to marble smooth and efficient management of people and business functions. With a vision to enable mid-market companies shape their thriving performance curve, GoTo has evolved as a trusted partner to bring modern workplace revolution to simplify IT management and accelerate business growth. Mr. Mathew Philip, Senior Director & Country Manager, GoTo in a discussion with CXOToday share some insights on the same


  1. Can you give an overview of GoTo since the rebrand?

From day one, we’ve helped people and businesses do their best work – simply and securely – from anywhere. GoTo is the all-in-one business communications and IT support and management platform, and we are committed to empowering small-and-medium-size businesses (SMBs) with simple, flexible, and affordable enterprise-grade tools that help them thrive no matter where they work. As part of that goal, we’ve launched a simplified product portfolio with a single application and two flagship products: the all-new IT management & support product, GoTo Resolve, and a new experience for the unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) product, GoTo Connect. GoTo is also expanding into new global markets and industries, including consolidating its presence among the SMBs in India, to provide our support solutions to many of the smaller businesses which have traditionally lacked access


  1. What is the need for IT management support and strategy in the SMB sector?

IT management plays a vital role in modern businesses, yet many SMBs lack the infrastructure or resources to deploy robust secure support technology. IT Management and support must be a pillar of any successful business. Without technology that can trouble shoot, manage helpdesk tickets, and support a dispersed workforce, business grinds to a halt at the slightest device hiccup.

With digital transformation becoming a necessity for survival, SMBs must now solidify a cloud-based IT strategy, or risk falling behind. Under this new reality, technology leaders of SMBs should look for partners that can solve multiple problems in a consolidated platform to create more efficient and effective IT teams to meet these new challenges head-on.


  1. What is the GoTo Market strategy for revolutionizing the SMB sector in India with a specific portfolio?

When we say SMBs, we are generally talking about organizations with less than 1000 employees. Our newest product, GoTo Resolve was created for these companies. It’s a consolidated platform allowing businesses to streamline their IT management and support operations from one location. Resolve features include conversational IT ticketing, fleet system diagnostics, and an industry-unique zero trust approach to security, giving India’s SMBs access to enterprise-grade tools at a fraction of the cost.


  1. What are some of the challenges faced by SMBs in digitizing their workplace? How does GoTo Resolve solve this problem?

SMBs need greater customization and more servicing across network devices, but have limited resources compared to big enterprises. Lack of skills and reskilling, tech apprehension, and limited funds have created demand for an effective IT strategy that can manage and scale business operations and people in it. In short, SMBs need to be able to do more digitalization work with less, and that’s where solutions like GoTo Resolve are playing a crucial role in the SMB market.

GoTo Resolve offers a cost-effective, easy to use, and unified solution to enable the smooth management and support of technology and devices in digitized workplaces. We provide the most robust portfolio of tools for flexible working, ensuring businesses continue without disruption while employee’s devices stay up and running, with all-in-one IT management and support. GoTo simplifies IT by consolidating the tools technology teams rely on, offers 24/7 dedicated support for trouble-shooting, and zero trust approach to security, giving IT teams the tools and protection they need to beat today’s challenges in a single offering.


  1. What is the future of SaaS-based remote work tools and trends in 2022 and beyond? 

Looking to the rest of 2022 and the years ahead, we can expect accelerated adoption of SaaS-based cloud solutions particularly among SMBs, which rely on greater affordability and scalability as industry demands and economics shift. Additionally, Remote IT management and support solutions will likely account for more of these solutions as businesses look to consolidate their resources and manage most, if not all, of their tech operations remotely in the cloud.

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