Tech Disruptions and Challenges Test Our Capabilities – Crayon India’s Focus & Strategies Have Only Better Evolved

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India


How would you consider the FY 2022-23 for Crayon to have been amongst various global disruptions ranging from economic uncertainty to AI chatbots?

It has just been 3 months into the year 2023 and there are already many ground-breaking technology advancements taking place. AI chatbots like ChatGPT are one such example of how tech tools have become disruptive. Crayon as an organization has completed 20 years and in all this time, we have stood strong, evolved and achieved great milestones. We are a part of Euronext Tech Leaders, composed of 100+ high-growth and leading companies. We believe that the recent technology disruptions will only increase our client base and aid in our expansion efforts. There is a definitive need for companies to maintain their IT estate and cloud environment while attending to their security infrastructure. Our expertise in data and AI-based solutions is proof that Crayon is supportive and benefits from the tech disruptions. Regarding the economic uncertainties, silent resignations, and other administrative challenges we can only say that our emphasis on the ‘Crayon way’ has helped us and our staff remain balanced and have moved through the challenges easily.


What is your opinion about the current technology landscape in India and Crayon’s contribution towards the same?

With disruptive technologies being introduced into the market there is a significant change being witnessed in India’s technology landscape. The increase in data generation along with the new-age technologies has influenced market needs. This has led to an increased demand for cloud, cloud migration or optimization, AI and blockchain containers in India. For SMEs and SMBs digital transformation has been the driving force due to which companies have increased their dependency on and adoption of these technologies. Crayon Software Experts India has been a part of this trend for a very long time. We have understood the changing dynamics in the technology sector and the needs of the companies. Our services of Software and Cloud Asset Management have been the go-to option for many companies that have been working with this technology even before the current digital transformation rush. Our expertise in customizing and designing the service as per the client’s requirement is a benefiting factor. But we are not just limited to software and cloud asset management. We provide world-class experts to monitor and report on IT investments. Crayon also helps businesses with direct consumer connections in terms of product use and digital transformation for their operations and products. We also understand the emphasis on ESG, sustainability in technology adoption and utilization for robust digital India growth.


There has been a lot of emphasis on how leadership roles are transforming. Please provide insight on how to navigate the challenges, being a leader and a few best practices based on your experience.

Every few decades, a leader’s role in an organization is subject to changes. The core function of the role remains the same. However, in this millennium, there has been an impactful transformation due to the advancement of technology. Any leadership role requires careful planning, strategy, and execution which fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and success. Any leader, especially in tech companies has challenges in staying ahead of the competition, managing a diverse workforce, balancing goals, rising cybersecurity risks and associated repercussions, and changing customer demands. Though there is no definitive tool kit for addressing these and many other challenges that emerge within organizations, there are a few best practices and transformations that work in general.

  • Effective communication with a clear vision and strategy
  • Utilizing data to make an informed decision with empathy governing the decision
  • Redefining job descriptions with a practical standpoint
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and embracing DEI initiatives
  • Set an example to the employees


Please talk about the new initiatives, awards and recognitions, programs for women and DEI initiatives that Crayon has been focusing on to make the workplace better.

As I said, Crayon Globally has completed 20 years since its launch back in 2002 in Oslo, Norway with just six members and today we are present in 45+ countries with more than 3,000 employees. Today we are a publicly listed organization with our market cap exceeding $1 billion USD in 2020 making it one of the few Norwegian companies to accomplish this feat. Crayon India has been consecutively selected as Great place to work for 2023-24, Best Workplaces for Women 2022 and Great place to work amongst mid-size workplaces. We have relaunched one of the most loved initiatives at Crayon, Aspire to Inspire. This is an internal leadership program to help women achieve vertical and horizontal growth in their careers. We also launched #CrayonCares, a global volunteer program where Crayon employees helped support their local communities through volunteering, raising funds, or donating goods and services. Crayon India in the footsteps of its leaders strives to ensure equality and equity are provided for all of our employees. Our initiatives for mentoring, certifications, and skill training along with specialized programs for women and aspiring leaders are all to ensure our employees get the best of what they want. We believe that an unprejudiced environment helps employees thrive and we will continue our efforts along the same lines.


Comment on Crayon’s GTM strategy, partner programs and initiatives that are helping the company’s path.

For any organization, a go-to-market strategy and partner programs are two vital elements needed for a successful business. Crayon Software Experts India weaves the GTM strategy around Software Asset Management (SAM) and provides optimal licenses in addition to consultation services. Most of our GTM is executed through our partner eco-system, the lifeline in taking our products across the Indian tech market. This is why, we at Crayon significantly invest in our partners to help them evolve as a brand. We empower our partners to reinvent themselves and remain competitive in a digitally transforming environment. We conduct regular status meetings with our partners and help them formulate GTM strategies and provide services capabilities or multi- geography reaches outside of India.  The current focus is to prioritize an ecosystem-based distribution, where most of the partners involved aren’t just doing transactional business but also influencing the buying pattern and market demands such that all partners can communicate and bring in the brand value to a scale, more accurately and effectively. We also conduct workshops, PRT’s, Partners CRT’s every quarter and these are awareness initiatives for either our partners or their customers. It is these planned and carefully executed activities that have helped Crayon India reach its current position in India.


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