Technology is playing a vast role in legal industry – Interview with Mr. Partha Sen, Co- Founder & CTO, LegalKart

  1. How new-age technologies are revolutionizing the legal sector of the country?

Ans – Key aspects for a practicing lawyer is to manage Cases, Clients, Documents, teams and financials. All these aspects are closely knit with each other and require a keen eye-for-detail to create a simple yet powerful management system. Technology is now helping lawyers in their practice by carefully managing these processes through efficient Practice Management System. Artificial Intelligence is remembering their choices and suggesting them standard procedures hence reducing their manual effort every time. Enhanced efficiency, better time management, updated clients and impeccable financial management are the key changes lawyers are experiencing. With the help of technology, lawyers are now better prepared & updated. Technology enables a lawyer to scale-up its practice & presence to multiple forums making his intellectual contribution available to many more courts of practice which were not possible before.

Technology for Legal Practice Management in India is evolving every day and accommodating different aspects of legal practice. LegalKart introduced India’s first Practice Management App & Dashboard for lawyers, through which we are witnessing revolutionary changes in the way lawyers practice with all their cases at one place along with instant case updates on their mobile and their contribution to various forums together making them super-efficient.


  1. How do you see technology helping the legal system, which is otherwise known to be very traditional and conservative?

Ans – On comparing Indian legal system with that of developed countries like USA, UK Australia; the glaring difference is the adoption of technology at every level of legal hierarchy. When 95% Lawyers in UK & 100% Lawyers in USA are using technology just 4% Lawyers are using any kind of technology in India.

In India, technology is empowering the legal system through digitization. A Digital legal system is easily accessible and with artificial intelligence, it generates useful data for legal professionals and judicial system. Technology ensures a faster and a much more transparent system for processing cases. Legal research has become much more convenient and accurate due to development of useful tech-tools. We are still at the nascent stage of legal technology adoption but the change is already visible with 95% courts going digital.


  1. Why does the legal industry need to be digitized?

Ans– With 45 million pending case in all the courts of the country; digitization is the need of the hour to ensure easy access and reach of legal services to the end consumer citizen. Digitization will be standardizing legal processes and promote innovative technologies to create affordable products for masses. Digital court records and millions of judgments shall be the biggest data-resource for analytics to build useful tools for faster disposable of cases and faster delivery of justice.


  1. Tell us about your venture? What pain points in the legal industry are you trying to solve with your app?

Ans – Legalkart is a technology company that develops technology solutions for Legal Professionals and businesses.  With nearly no adoption of any technology to support the Legal Practice, Legalkart wants to build & improve the practice management experience for all legal professionals. Legalkart’s technology helps all kinds of businesses in the country to manage their legal matters their technology platform and bring down their cost and time for managing legal matters. Legalkart assures transparency throughout the case life-cycle for corporate and business-related legal matters.

At LegalKart the objective is to create access to a Lawyer & Legal services for every citizen. Legally aware and enlightened citizens are the creators of a mature society. At LegalKart our endeavor is to build technologies to reach a billion populations and enable them to access and avail legal support & services conveniently.

LegalKart’s Tech research and Development head office is in Kolkata and it is Led by Mr. Partha Sen, who is the Chief Technology Officer of the company. With a team of 20+ members, LegalKart software is an in-house development. We are using the most advanced technology for innovative product development and the safest Servers in the world to protect the system to scale it to the next level. LegalKart is Video Call enabled and customers can choose to consult a Lawyer over a video call or audio call. We have a consumer mobile App for the same which can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store.

LegalKart is a ‘consumer first’ company and it is solving the most important problem of ‘affordable access’ of legal services. With the help of cutting-edge technology, LegalKart is democratizing the legal access by making it affordable and accessible to masses.

With right legal advice and right documentation anyone can prevent the chances of costly and time-consuming litigation by more than 50% and LegalKart with its technology is empowering citizens to access Right Legal Advice 24X7 with right document products.

Legalkart is a Made in India and Made for India company building word’s first ‘Preventive legal care ecosystem’ right here in India which is empowering to save huge time and money on uncertain litigations and delivering authentic advice 24X7 with affordable documentation for all kind of needs. With enhanced accessibility and affordability there will be an exponential rise in the consumers adopting legal and compliant ways to conduct themselves personally and professionally.


  1. What gives your product an edge over others?

Ans – LegalKart is India’s first on-demand and 24X7 legal consultation over phone. We realized that since most of the consumers don’t have a previous experience to talk to a Lawyer and they also don’t have access to a lawyer for an instant consultation on their matter. We build a technology backbone powered with LegalKart’s proprietary software to connect calls of individuals with most appropriate lawyers available. Call is routed with smart match technology which will use customer’s geographical location, concern area for consultation and other key aspects. The call are confidential and secure and you can talk to a Lawyer in 8 different Indian Languages.  With more than 2 Lakh consultation minutes sold in Last 8 months we are witnessing a promising growth and high repeat rate of callers.  This consultation is affordable, neutral and accessible 24X7 by users. We are currently getting 30% of our call are from NRIs living all over the world who need instant consultation about their legal queries concerning them or their families in India.

LegalKart aspires to be the world’s biggest legal care company. Our vision and approach are the edge that we have and of course the technology that we are building for billion citizens of this country.  At this point of time we are a growing company and competing with ourselves. We are striving to be a better organization tomorrow than what we were yesterday.


  1. What are you key targets for the company for next 12-14 months?

Ans – Our objective is to provide convenient access to any legal support at an affordable price. In the next few months, we would like to build a strong ecosystem of legal support services wherein users and service providers shall be able to interact seamlessly across geographical boundaries. We would like to become the Amazon of Legal.

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