The collaborative approach is the right approach for new-age sustainable IT solutions

A  seasoned professional’s passion for research in new-age technological solutions and commitment to value add knowledge through academia as well as industry bodies led him to co-found YUDIZ SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Yudiz solutions not only develops the product and solutions but also provides the training to faculties as they believe that qualitative learning by faculties will help in grooming potential talent.  Mr. Bharat Patel, Cofounder, YUDIZ SOLUTIONS LIMITED, shares more insights on the same.

1. You have extensive experience in the field of technology, what is the aim and value that you would add to the industry through Yudiz?

From the beginning of our establishment, Yudiz, We developed our own practical methods and mechanisms to adapt to the various changes happening in the industry. The approach of Yudiz has always been unique from other companies. We acknowledge every minuscule variation in the market. As an organization, we are quite observant of the robust process and the market. Our aim would be “To remain a prominent altruist in the process of creating an intact ecosystem of IT benefiting every individual altogether.”

We recognized that in the field of IT, one has to have the right collaborative approach in order to achieve cost-effective, state-of-the-art, and sustainable solutions. That is our belief and as a contributor, we want to provide scaling solutions through efficient and buoyant synergy.

2. How you are viewing the situation of younger companies in tier II and tier III cities of India doing, say in the next 5 years.

 There is a vast scope for younger companies, which have lower overheads due to size and location, which helps them with the scope of expansion by working with larger companies in the same industry ecosystem. I recall how we leveraged micro tactics that could help us mount our ladder of success. We developed small milestones, milestones that can be calibrated and analyzed. We achieved them through collaborative effort and made progress accordingly.

This method of Skilling, Up-skilling, and re-skilling is the name of the game for all companies to be in the market. If they too bank on prominent micro strategies that can assist them in analyzing the market and adapting to the changes effectively. So covering the marketing and innovation basics will be an essential aspect. We have seen tremendous growth in these younger companies and will continue to do so.

3.  What are the key trends in blockchain development that can accelerate digital transformation?

Blockchain technology would represent the pinnacle of the next industrial revolution. Looking at how rapidly and consistently it’s advancing there is no doubt that it would be immensely beneficial for our future generations.

We can see the most notable trends including Metaverse exploring a whole new intelligent system, or you could say the smart world. NFTs comprise the most famous segment and we too have catered NFT infused projects that had a “Play to earn model.” Using blockchain technology as a service has given the FinTech Industry a profitable head start. Implementation of Smart Contracts to maintain a secure and transparent channel of transferring digital assets.

When we talk about digital transformation, we think of innovating technologies to exceed the limitations of traditional technology. Decentralized Data storing represent another characteristic of blockchain which will be a huge disruptor. It will transmute the possibility of accumulating data traditionally and on the cloud. Transferring digital assets and storing them via decentralized storage will boundlessly provide speed, security, and scalability. It will allow the users to store collective data in various locations with proper encryption. Blockchain will enable this practice by providing automated synchronization as well as high-end security to monitor, validate and maintain the authenticity of the information.

I think blockchain development companies will have to adapt to these innovative changes quite quickly. Upgrading their research and understanding skills would mark the first step. Apart from that, I have observed that several organizations have already implemented these solutions. However, the success of these trends and the most recent upgrades can merely be considered the beginning of a considerably better and bigger technology revolution.

4.  If you had to give 2 pieces of advice to the next generation of technopreneurs, what be the best 2 pieces of advice?

My first and most important advice would be, that you should always be attentive to the changes occurring in various industries. Ask questions and be curious, try to identify a scaling solution to every problem.

 Another crucial aspect is preferring a genuine mentor. Learning is the best way to amplify your potential in this ever-dynamic world of technology. Moreover, select the precise time to present your brand to the market. Building a moral brand perception is as important nowadays as fabricating faultless solutions.

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