Today’s young workforce value opportunities that allow them to continuously learn

Over the last two years, the job market has outgrown traditional roles, and has been defined by the digital transformation that has taken place across sectors. Amidst this, the skills gap that exists has become a topic of contention. According to data released by, 40% of Indian employees will need reskilling and 60% will need to upskill to be market ready. Looking at this Ms. Lakshmi Mittra, VP and Head, Clover Academy, provides guidance on what companies should do to retain top personnel during the period of high turnover.


  1. What have we learnt about ‘talent’ and ‘workforce expectations’ from the Great Resignation phenomenon? What should employers, Universities and the ecosystem be cognizant of/considerate of now?

I do not recognize great resignation as a phenomenon. However, what I have observed is, now employees are more direct and open with their organizations about their expectations. What interest them in a job is more than remuneration and benefits, it is also their career progression. Today’s young workforce value opportunities that allow them to continuously learn. They seek investments in their growth journey, which defines their experience as employees, and is also a showcase of the company culture. Hence, when employees are not presented with enough learning opportunities to move up the corporate ladder, they become dissatisfied with their current job role. As per a LinkedIn survey, 94% of the employees would stay at companies longer, if their organizations took an active role in their learning and development.


  1. What kind of skills we need for the ‘Human in the Loop’ aspect of talent as we embrace more and more AI, ML and Quantum Computing? How well are we moving in that direction?

When a machine learning software fails to offer a solution to a problem, human intervention is needed to design that solution. The solution is then fed into the software system to solve future problems in real-time. This approach is known as human-in-the-loop and it combines the best of human intelligence with machine learning capabilities. To master this kind of technology, aspirants need to have strong skillsets in programming languages such as Java, Python, and an in-depth knowledge of data analysis and engineering models. As an industry, I think we are making steady progress to train and skill young IT professionals in these revolutionary technologies. At Clover Academy – The knowledge and training arm of Clover Infotech, we keep offering training and skilling initiatives in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Cloud technologies to prepare our next-gen of IT workforce for a flourishing career in new-age technologies such as Cloud, AI, ML, etc.

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