Unlocking efficiency and growth: Animesh Samuel, CEO of E42 explores the power of their platform for enterprises across diverse Industries

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Animesh Samuel, CEO and Co-Founder, E42

  1. Please share more about and its special offerings.

E42 is a no-code cognitive process automation (CPA) platform to build AI co-workers that automate various enterprise processes. These AI workers include AI Analysts, AI Recruiters, AI HR Executives, AI Business Development Executives, and more – building enterprise cognition.

It combines deep tech in AI NLP with a powerful UI that empowers subject matter experts to easily create an AI workforce that automates processes across enterprise verticals and functions at scale. The platform proves that the assumption that cognition rests only within humans and only robotic processes can be automated is no longer true.

Enterprises are automating various functions ranging from HR, recruitment, customer service, finance, legal, IT operations, and more – but in silos. With E42, all this can be triggered from a single omnichannel channel interface (across web/WhatsApp/Microsoft Teams/etc.) in natural language from anywhere!


  1. Differentiators and USP: There are several AI platforms available in the market. What sets E42 apart from its competitors? Discuss the unique selling points (USPs) of the platform and how they benefit clients.

E42 is a one-stop solution for process automation across enterprise functions like HR, sales, customer support, finance, etc. with inbuilt capabilities including NLP/NLU/NLG, ICR, Voice, conversational AI, face recognition, intent-based workflows – enabling process-agnostic automation for enterprises.

At the core of E42 is Cognitive Process Automation (CPA), an evolved technology that enables the platform to create cognitive, intelligent AI workers, capable of accomplishing much more than RPA-programmed bots – automating routine tasks as well as making decisions and handling complex processes involving unstructured data. Every AI worker built on the platform can be clubbed with other AI workers. For e.g., based on the interaction of the AI customer care exec, the AI marketing Analyst can suggest changes in their campaign messaging. Or on the learnings from the AI recruiter, AI HR exec, AI IT services manager, etc. all catering to the same employees, the enterprise can better predict attrition, employee wellness, etc.

The other USPs of E42 lie in the fact that it’s a no-code platform, and is extremely easy to manage, unlike other technology-specific platforms that are heavily dependent on coding. To elaborate – being a no-code platform, E42 requires no scripting and can be quickly deployed. With drag and drop APIs, the flexibility to be deployed on-prem or on any cloud makes it extremely easy to manage and scale use cases on the fly. E42 provides ready to deploy/plug & play solutions built for all enterprise functions, enabling businesses of all sizes to start using the solutions within 2 to 4 weeks of deployment time, this means cost effective enterprise automation solutions with proven ROI.

With a well-thought-through partnership network in place, E42 equips SIs and OEMs with AI capabilities and enables them to compete with industry leaders like Yellow ai, Leena ai, et al.


  1. Given there are so many no-code platforms like Weebly, Webflow and others, what is your differentiating criteria?

Weebly and Webflow are platforms that allow users to easily create simple web pages and websites. On the other hand, E42 is an advanced platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automate various roles within enterprises. It encompasses functions such as HR, analysis, customer care, and document processing. E42 combines cutting-edge AI technologies, including AI NLP (Natural Language Processing), AI workflow, language generation, conversational AI, face recognition, and information extraction. These technologies, combined with a user-friendly interface and AI model training, empower subject matter experts to create and train AI workers that automate processes across different verticals and functions on a large scale.

What sets E42 apart is its ability to process not only structured data but also unstructured data, such as videos, speech, documents, and graphics. The platform can interpret this diverse data and make informed decisions or provide responses based on the information. This technology innovation has been successfully implemented in over 40 large corporations and is set to become accessible to a wide range of enterprises through certified technicians on the platform. Moreover, E42 enables individuals with basic process knowledge to create sophisticated AI solutions for enterprises, regardless of their size.


  1. The potential applications of NLP-based AI platforms are vast, and the technology is evolving rapidly. Discuss the future of these platforms and how E42 is positioning itself to stay ahead of the curve.

The future of NLP-based AI platforms is incredibly promising, as the technology continues to evolve and advance. We envisage a future where AI workers will work alongside humans and automate various processes that needed humans to execute. Humans will move up the value chain and become much more productive than they are today. AI workers built on E42 by partners will be available in a marketplace (featured by Gartner) for enterprises as ‘click-to-hire’. They will practically sell themselves and integrate with enterprise systems. This will definitely give a huge tactical advantage to the enterprise. But the best part is when an enterprise employs multiple AI workers, each one automating several tasks, they will enrich data on each of the entities involved. For example, every time a customer interacts with an AI customer care agent, they will get their queries resolved while the enterprise intelligence gets enhanced with more learnings that will be useful to other teams like product or marketing, etc. The whole will be much larger than the sum of its parts!

By continuing to innovate and develop advanced capabilities in areas like conversational AI, multilingual NLP, personalization, and domain-specific NLP, E42 is helping businesses unlock the full potential of NLP-based AI technologies.


  1. Which are the sectors that are seeing the biggest pickup in terms of AI/ML adoption along with an example if possible?

Of the many technologies with the potential to deliver significant value in the near future, AI seems to be atop the list. The focus is shifting more toward AI-enabled transformation that solves more significant business problems with enterprise-focused solutions. Be it in the area of IT services, marketing, sales, operations, legal, or finance – through AI, enterprises can predict the functionalities like the time of errors, get ROI in real-time, drives revenue, generate leads, and provide a unified experience to customers. Moreover, sectors like BFSI, healthcare, retail, and automotive are turning to AI for a complete digital transformation.


  1. Give us an outlook on AI/ML tech from an Indian perspective in 2023

To say that AI/ML technology is revolutionary would be an understatement. It has the power to significantly improve businesses. AI can potentially add US$957 billion, or 15 percent of India’s current gross value in 2035. Indian businesses are and will continue to use AI/ML to solve issues and improve their operational efficiency. It is believed that shortly, the focus will shift more toward AI-enabled transformation that solves more significant business problems with enterprise-focused solutions. Be it in the area of IT services, marketing and sales, operations, legal, or finance – through AI, enterprises can predict the functionalities like the time of errors, get ROI in real-time, drives revenue, generate leads, and provide a unified experience to customers.


  1. What is E42’s approach to ethical AI and how it ensures transparency in its processes?

E42, being a leading Cognitive Process Automation platform, prioritizes the ethical and transparent use of AI and machine learning technologies. Our commitment to these principles is evident in the following ways:

Firstly, we prioritize data privacy and security by implementing strict protocols and robust encryption measures to safeguard sensitive information. We take the responsibility of protecting your data seriously. We encrypt PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data and redact the same in the logs.

Secondly, we strive to eliminate bias in our AI models. Through techniques such as data sampling, pre-processing, algorithmic fairness testing, and model interpretability, we ensure that our models remain unbiased and do not perpetuate discrimination. We eliminate features that could result in the human biases creeping up in the AI models when we train historical data (for example, gender information).

Thirdly, we believe in the ability to explain and interpretability. We are working on model designs to provide detailed explanations of their decision-making process, promoting transparency and accountability. We want you to understand how and why a decision was reached.

Additionally, we continuously monitor and audit our AI models to identify any potential issues and ensure that they function as intended. This allows us to address concerns promptly, maintaining transparency throughout our processes.

Last but not least, we have developed ethical frameworks that guide our use of AI and machine learning technologies and have a cross-functional governance body to oversee the new model development and training data hygiene. These frameworks align with our values and ensure that our use of AI promotes positive outcomes for society. We are committed to making a positive impact while upholding the highest ethical standards.

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