Voxxy Media – Influencer marketing firm focuses on ROI-driven results for the brand

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr Kulbir Sachdev, Founder at Voxxy Media


1.With what mission and objectives was the company set up? In short, tell us about your journey since the company’s inception.

Voxxy was set up to create an ecosystem of Influencer Marketing (now called creator economy) offering end-to-end influencer marketing services for brands, from influencer-first creative strategies to data-driven influencer planning & buying to content creation to ROI-driven results for the brand. Our mission was to solve the problem of piecemeal offerings of the players in the Influencer Marketing Industry. Our journey has been incredible, from starting Voxxy with a 6-member team to scaling it to a 100+ member team across India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines. We have been grateful to have worked with some of the most prestigious brands globally, having executed 3000+ brand campaigns in the last 2 years. We have grown tremendously over the last couple of years, offering some of the most innovative products and services in the creator economy. Our global learnings and legacy of working in the worldwide creator tech space from 2016 have helped us build one of the strongest & leading Influencer Marketing Companies in this cluttered space.


2. What will be influencer marketing trends in 2023, and how will this impact the industry?

  • Shoppable Content, Social Commerce & Live Commerce will be the megatrend of 2023 in the influencer marketing space. If done right, this can make the influencer marketing industry 100 times bigger than it is today. This is a serious game changer, and brands are already preparing for this. E-commerce companies will go all out to make live shopping their top priority.
  • Integrated Influencer Marketing will be taken very seriously. Influencer marketing would no longer be done standalone. Brands will have to integrate influencer content into their overall marketing efforts, using it to supplement their content and reach newer audiences.
  • Affiliate influencer marketing programs will grow massively as brands look for more conversions and sales-driven influencer marketing approaches. Influencers are helping their followers through the entire sales funnel, from awareness to consideration and even purchase in an authentic way. Brands will find that they don’t have to pay inflated rates, while, for consumers, affiliate links shared by their favourite influencers will make the whole shopping experience more convenient.
  • Transparency in rates & payments between Brands, Agencies & Influencers will be the buzzword as brands are prepared to increase their spending in Influencer Marketing.
  • First Party & Real-time data and accurate reporting will be needed as performance-based deals increase. Therefore, influencer marketing platforms that include analytics and in-depth reporting are valuable. Influencers must understand what social media metrics are essential to delivering on promises & engage with brands on a long-term basis.
  • More regulations will be enacted for influencer collaborations as the number of brands interested in influencer collaborations is growing. As per the current government of India circular, all the advertising content should be marked & declared, and influencers must clearly state that a brand is sponsoring them or has provided them with a product. The regulations are going to be stricter in the coming few months.
  • Brands co-creating product lines with influencers will be on the rise in 2023. More and more brands are taking this route and launching exciting products.
  • Video podcasts will grow multifold in 2023 as they become increasingly popular among millennials and GenZ.


3. What’s your view on micro-influencers compared to celebrity influencers?

Micro-Influencers and celebrity influencers are both equally important parts of the creator economy. They have their advantages when it comes to specific goals and objectives we want to achieve for brand campaigns.

For, e.g. Micro-Influencers can be very cost-effective, seen as authentic and have a niche or expertise in the domain. Celebrity Influencers, though expensive, can bring massive reach, credibility, impact & prestige.


4. Describe your process for keeping up with influencer marketing trends.

As a Global Influencer Marketing Agency, we are constantly learning and implementing newer trends happening across the globe in our operational markets. Every week we engage with our cross-country teams to share the latest happenings, highlights of the week, best campaigns, new initiatives, and new trends in their markets.

The Day 1 Culture of Amazon genuinely inspires us at Voxxy, and we have adopted the culture of always learning, innovating, and implementing newer trends. Social media and influencer marketing are the most dynamic of all media businesses, and we endeavour to stay at least two years ahead of the industry.

We are always early adopters of technology and trends, and we believe in taking risks and exploring new platforms & services available. These are a few of the many more processes and initiatives we take to keep up with trends.


5. Which is your favourite influencer marketing campaign you worked on and why?

Voxxy’s core has always been data driven innovation in influencer marketing. This was showcased seamlessly during our association with Medibuddy, a digital health care platform. Dedicated teams were deployed for ideation, strategy, production and influencer solutions, who together worked on award winning campaigns for the brand. Partnering with large cohorts of influencers across categories to deliver quality content with excellence in execution, quickly became our forte.


6.How is Voxxy Media dominating the influencer marketing space this festive season?

Voxxy’s foray into managed services of social & live commerce kept us busy this festive season. This festive season we produced close to 1000 shoppable & live influencer videos for a few e-Commerce brands in India. We worked on 700 campaigns globally between October 2022 to December 2022. Super Thanks to our clients and agency partners. We hit our all-time-high revenue numbers this festive season. Voxxy, in partnership with Nothing regular, launched KULA, India’s biggest Tattoo Convention & World Music festival.


7. What are the plans of Voxxy Media in the coming years?

Over the next two years, Live Commerce, Social Commerce, Content Creation & Global Talent Roster will be the critical focus for Voxxy. Voxxy will continue strengthening its global presence with a foray into new APAC & Middle East countries. Voxxy is also coming up with some exciting tech products in the influencer space to solve the need gaps in Influencer Payments.

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