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Creating an Intelligent Workforce for the Next Normal

Just like people, organizations can have intelligence too. “Workplace intelligence” refers to traits like culture, leadership, employee engagement and most importantly using the right technologies to create a great place to work–and deliver positive business outcomes.

In a recent video interview with CXOToday, Ruchi Bhalla, Country Head- Delivery Centers, India & VP-HR (Asia Pacific) at Pitney Bowes, explains how ‘intelligent workplace’ are using the right tools and technologies to ensure secure, flexible and seamless collaboration across distributed teams that ultimately create meaningful employee experiences..

She believes, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has a big role to play in building an Intelligent Workplace. CIO and the IT team need to move beyond simply managing IT to leveraging technology to create value for the business.

Also, in this new reality, where business models keep changing and technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain, big data and cloud gain more prominence, upskilling or reskilling the current workforce can steer organizational success in the right direction, and this should be a key priority of business leaders.

Bhalla also says, by investing in ‘intelligent workplace’ technologies, businesses can make their workplace smarter now and prepare for a long-term future where more employees than ever are working from home.

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Sohini Bagchi
Sohini Bagchi is Editor at CXOToday, a published author and a storyteller. She can be reached at