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4 Ways Marketing Automation Solution Can Accelerate Business Growth


By: Raman Mittal

With today’s cut-throat competition in the industry, there is always a pressure on the marketing and sales professionals to empower their leads, sales in an effective manner and achieve greater ROI. Today’s businesses rely on automated marketing to pre-qualify leads and ensure their closers are dealing with real potential clients and not curiosity seekers.

Marketing automation, the latest practice that is continuously being deployed by the smart business doers today for its supreme efficiency and delivery of promising tangible results, is becoming a new-age norm. And why not? For high business growth, it’s essential to negate the ineffective practices and allow the potentially good ones to replace them, and the marketing automation solution is one among them.

Listed below are the four significant ways in which marketing automation solution can boost your business growth.

  1. Efficient Lead Nurturing Methodology   

Nurturing a lead is a highly daunting task, no matter what business your organization caters to.

However, with marketing automation solutions, the entire process can undergo a radical transformation, as it manages and schedule repetitive tasks. Marketing automation software helps organizations by automating a plethora of tasks from lead scoring to prospect activity tracking, and can prove highly productive when it comes to improving and streamlining lead nurturing efforts. It can not only track the ongoing conversation/engagement of the brand with their leads but also helps the concerned person, intervene just at the right moment in the sales cycle, so as to ensure that the opportunity never slips away.

  1.     Increases sales with a promise

Marketing automation makes marketing and sales representatives lives much easier by helping them define leads more effectively and facilitate a smoother transition to sales. It works in tandem with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), wherein your marketing and sales tasks are streamlined. By aligning the sales and marketing process, you can significantly improve the returns on your sales process and effectiveness of the campaign to generate the right leads.

  1.     Saves time and efforts

Through the use of automation tools, you’re able to save time and money, while reaching your audience at the right time easier than ever before. Using automation software, sales pipeline, customer data, customer segmentation, drip email campaigns etc. can be automated in an easy fashion. Usage of marketing automation tools reduces the extent of manual work, which in turn can result in time-saving for both the marketing and sales team.

  1.     Leads to diminishing expenditure & increased ROI

Marketing automation software can help with a wide range of tasks, from lead scoring to tracking customer behaviors and managing email marketing campaigns, thus, saving a considerable cost, time and resources of the firm. Marketing automation tools like Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot etc. helps in optimizing and streamlining the process of gathering, scoring and prioritizing leads, thereby leading to higher conversions and revenue generation.

In a nutshell, using marketing automation tools, you can save time, money and have higher returns if implemented properly. It’s the centre of the 21st century marketing department, allowing you to scale your campaigns, reach prospects more effectively, better qualify leads, and demonstrate ROI. Thus, it would not be wrong to state that automating the marketing actions can undoubtedly set the pace for more significant gains in the long term.

(The author is Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder, To The New and the views expressed in this article are his own) 

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