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7 Online Test Series To Prepare For Engineering Entrances

Engineering Entrances

Joint Entrance Examination is just around the corner and other engineering entrances like BITSAT, MHCET and SRM JEE 2018 are nearing too. If candidates are serious enough about cracking these entrance exams, then by this time they would be strengthening their preparations through periodic revisions.

The most effective way to gear up last hour preparations is practicing with mock test series. As held by many experts, the importance of practicing test series should not be ignored by any aspirant seeking admissions in their dream colleges.

With almost all entrance examinations going online, a number of test series are made available, making it convenient for test takers to get acquainted with the online mode of examination. These test series are mock examinations designed similar to that of entrance exams. Right from pattern, difficulty level, marking scheme to the duration of test, everything is kept identical. This helps in getting hands-on experience and has several other benefits.

So, before we get to ‘Which test series for Engineering Entrances in 2018’, let us first understand their importance.

Why Test Series?

1. Visualize Exam Environment

First and foremost, candidates get familiar to the exam environment. Online test series are almost similar to the entrance exams. Hence, candidates most importantly understand the exam pattern and timings. Before appearing for any entrance they shall be able to visualize the settings and get a clear picture.

2. Time Management

Will I be able to finish the exam in time? It is something that makes every test taker nervous. Finishing questions in time is certainly a task that requires practice and grip over syllabus. Moreover, considering the difficulty level and number of questions asked it is very important to be able to manage time. Hence, mock test series. The more you practice these papers, the more are chances of finishing the paper with accuracy in time.

3. Avoid Last Moment Confusion

It is quite expected that even after completing the syllabus, you may go haywire and get terribly confused while attempting questions. As JEE Main 2018 and other papers will have application based questions, the chances of committing mistakes is very high. Wrong application of concepts, tricky calculations and lack of concentration may affect the performance. The solution remains the same. Practice online test series to avoid last moment chaos.

4. Boosts Confidence

‘Practice makes a man perfect’, it is directly applicable here. Solving test series help manage time and improve performance over time. The more you get grip over techniques and methods to solve questions, the more your confidence will be boosted. A positive attitude and confidence is the key to crack entrance exams. Online test series shall help tremendously.

5. Instant Analysis 

Online test series provide immediate results and paper analysis. The moment paper is finished test takers can check their result and get fair idea of preparation level. Instant analysis shall help you in focusing and improvising weak areas.

It is for the above stated reasons that test takers should start taking online test series before entrance exams. Taking online test series has psychological benefits. Additionally, these test series are affordable that can be accessed conveniently anywhere anytime with internet facility.

7 Online Test Series 

The question remains which test series should we opt for. Given below are seven online test series which can be used for Engineering 2018 preparations.

1. ALLEN’s Leader Online Series

Allen Online Test Series are considered to be one of the best test series for an outstanding JEE Main Result. The practice test papers are available in both online and offline mode. The series provide All India Rankings that can be taken at any time of preparation. Allen test series are available only in English with 14 minor and 8 major tests at the cost of INR 2200.

2. Bansal Classes’ Online Test

Bansal Classes’ offer comprehensive test packages such as Rank Boosters, Daily Practice Problems and Achievers Comprehensive Package. They offer examination pattern based question papers, doubt solving support and detailed report card after the test. It also has separate Bi-Weekly test series for BITSAT.

3. IITJEE Test Series 

IITJEE offers a collection of practice questions, mocks and All India Test Series. It offers step wise detailed solution of questions along with explanation of formula. It also has 38 years chapter wise previous year JEE Main questions. It is available on any kind of device connected to internet.

4.Embibe JEE Main Free Mock Test Series

If buying test series online is not convincing than you may try Embibe JEE Main Free Mock Test Series. Candidates may take chapter-wise test, mini test, full test or revision test for their preferred entrance exam. Have score and subject-wise time management analysis after completing each test.

5. Career Orbits 

The Career Orbits Test Series offer mock tests that cover the entire syllabus. For each test taken, it offers test evaluation, solutions with doubt clearance. Test takers can buy Online Test series at a cost of INR 1250, INR 5500 and INR 6500 as per convenience.

6. AIATS Online Mock Test

All India Aakash Test Series are available both in English and Hindi medium. The test series are valid up to March 30, 2018 and both candidates- appearing or passed class 12th examination can take up the test series. A total of 15 online tests are offered at a cost of INR 5444.

7. Extramarks Test Series 

Extramarks Test Series are available in online mode only. There are 8 JEE Main online tests that are offered as per the schedule displayed on the website. The cost of the test series is INR 4100.


Make the Best of it

1. Now that you know which online test series should be taken up for preparations, it is important to utilize them to their full capacity. Here are some advices:

2. Read Reviews Online – Before making the actual purchase, make sure you read some reviews online and then invest. It is advisable to take up a free trial.

3. Stick to the Schedule – Try to take up online tests and not offline. Offline test gives a laid back feeling whereas online series keeps you on toes. Also make sure that you are mentally ready to devote the time needed for a test.

4. How many tests to be taken? Like we said the more you practice the better are chances. However, it is best to take up at least 10 to 15 online mock tests.

5. Keep a track of performance – Make sure to keep a check on performance time after time, try to maintains mock marks history.

6. Use it wisely – Most of these test series come with features like detailed result analysis, solutions and doubt clearance. Utilize such features in order to make the most out of your investment.

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