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AI Is Making BI Smarter

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Business intelligence (BI) has come a long way in enterprise decision making. The advent of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) practices is further  supporting BI imperatives to make better and faster decisions, particularly as part of daily operations decisions. The interdependence of these technologies collectively in the form of software intelligence is having a huge impact on the enterprise in the new digital era. In a recent interaction with CXOToday, Praveen Mahajan, Regional Director – India, Dynatrace shares some interesting perspectives on the latest trends in the business intelligence market and the role of AI in it.

CXOToday: Please share some key trends driving the Business Intelligence (BI) market in India. How companies/organizations can leverage benefits from BI in today’s world.

Praveen Mahajan: The IT environments underpinning organizations in India and all over the world are highly dynamic and operate at massive scale, with a high frequency of change. This has created an enormous complexity for businesses to overcome as they strive to deliver perfect software and user experiences. As a result, we’re seeing a growing interest in how business intelligence and AI can be used to unlock software intelligence that offers real-time answers and insights to allow businesses to effectively and efficiently diagnose and solve issues before users are impacted.

To leverage these benefits, organizations need software intelligence platforms that can automatically configure themselves to adapt to the constantly changing applications and infrastructure that characterize modern applications. They need the ability to collect data from all components of modern application and infrastructure stacks, and have that data updated in real time to provide accurate, rapid answers. Ultimately, this will set enterprises on a path to enabling applications that can identify the true cause of performance issues and take automated actions to resolve them with little to no human involvement.

CXOToday: Please shed some light on the importance of software intelligence in the new enterprise cloud.

Praveen Mahajan: The dynamic nature the new enterprise cloud and the immense volumes of data that must be analyzed to understand its impact on user experience demand a new approach to performance management. Traditional application monitoring tools simply aren’t equipped for the new normal of the enterprise cloud. Organizations need software intelligence capabilities that have been purpose-built in the cloud, for the cloud. Powered by AI, software intelligence provides real-time insights into the new enterprise cloud, based on high-fidelity data. This intelligence enables IT and business teams to assure the experience of every user and the performance of every transaction across hyper-complex enterprise cloud environments.

CXOToday: How AI Orchestration works and helps businesses?

Praveen Mahajan: Today, one IT environment can have billions of dependencies, so, while modern digital ecosystems are critical to fast innovation, the legacy approach to monitoring and managing performance falls short. You can’t rely on humans to synthesize and analyze data anymore, nor a bag of independent tools. You need to be able to auto detect and instrument these environments in real time, and most importantly use AI orchestration to pinpoint problems with precision and set your environment on a path of auto-remediation to ensure optimal performance and experience from an end users’ perspective.

CXOToday: What is your take on AI and augmentation? How it is changing needs of the business? 

 Praveen Mahajan: Recent research found that four in five CIOs think Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be critical to IT’s ability to master increasing complexity; with 83% either already, or planning to deploy AI. It’s easy to see why these capabilities are becoming increasingly important to the changing needs of modern businesses. The current enterprise cloud ecosystems that organizations have built to increase agility have added huge amounts of complexity to IT. This has made it almost impossible for humans to manage user experience and optimize digital performance effectively.

Organizations have therefore realized a need for new approaches to performance monitoring and user experience management, which are centred on AI and automation. These capabilities can unlock software intelligence that provides instant answers and resolutions to performance problems, rather than just more data. As a result, IT teams are able to proactively optimize user experiences to maximize conversion rates and drive business revenues.

CXOToday: Dynatrace has recently announced the automated support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. How it is going to benefit customers on multiple fronts?

Praveen Mahajan: Dynatrace’s automated support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments enables operations teams to eliminate manual and siloed monitoring of independent Kubernetes clusters, and gain access to automatic AI-assisted answers to performance problems across GCP workloads. 

These capabilities enable deeper insights into all areas of GCP environments, in turn allowing businesses to quickly troubleshoot performance issues, optimize container workloads and more efficiently scale cloud operations. They also provide anomaly detection and problem causation determination based on Dynatrace’s AI engine, to augment the metrics that are natively provided in Google Cloud by Stackdriver. As a result, businesses can gain a holistic understanding of the health of their increasingly complex IT environment more easily.

This announcement was also significant as it extended Dynatrace’s automated support to all major cloud environments, including GCP, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and all other leading cloud and container technologies.

CXOToday: What are your expansion plans in India, and your localization strategy for regional markets?

 Praveen Mahajan: Dynatrace will continue to explore opportunities to support Indian organizations on their digital transformation journeys by helping them to overcome the complexity of their modern enterprise cloud environments with our software intelligence platform. In the next one year, we would be focussed on driving disruption in our industry by continually innovating and bringing new platform capabilities to our customers globally, helping them to overcome the complexities of the modern enterprise cloud. 

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