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Amazon Web Services launches Honeycode for Easy App Building

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud platform service owned by Amazon, today announced the launch of Amazon Honecode, a fully managed service that allows customers to build mobile and web applications without programming, thus drastically reducing development and deployment costs.

The new service would be a boon for small and medium enterprises who often postpone application development in mission critical areas such as managing process approvals, event scheduling, customer relationship management, user surveys, to-do lists and content and inventory tracking due to budget or time constraints.

With Amazon Honeycode, they no longer need to follow error-prone methods such as emailing spreadsheets or documents or hiring and waiting for developers to build costly custom apps. The new service is being rolled out starting today in the United States and would soon be available across other geographies. AWS has given no details about when it plans to launch Honeycode in India.

With Amazon Honeycode, customers can use a simple visual application builder to create highly interactive web and mobile applications backed by a powerful AWS-built database to perform tasks like tracking data over time and notifying users of changes, routing approvals, and facilitating interactive business processes.

Using Amazon Honeycode, customers can create applications that range in complexity from a task-tracking application for a small team to a project management system that manages a complex workflow for multiple teams or departments. Customers can get started creating applications in minutes, build applications with up to 20 users for free, and only pay for the users and storage for larger applications.

In Amazon Honeycode, customers can get started by selecting a pre-built template, where the data model, business logic, and applications are pre-defined and ready-to-use (e.g. PO approvals, time-off reporting, inventory management, etc.). Or, they can import data into a blank workbook, use the familiar spreadsheet interface to define the data model, and design the application screens with objects like lists, buttons, and input fields.

Builders can also add automations to their applications to drive notifications, reminders, approvals, and other actions based on conditions. Once the application is built, customers simply click a button to share it with team members. With Amazon Honeycode, customers can quickly and easily build multi-user, scalable, and collaborative web and mobile applications that allow them to act on the data that would otherwise be locked away in static spreadsheets.

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