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Array Launches ‘Make in India’ Product; Bullish on India Market

Make in India

Keeping ‘Make in India’ mission at the core of its growth strategy, Bangalore based networking company, Array Networks, has launched an ‘Amplifier’ that can help enterprises test load capacity for advanced web applications against modern browsers. The new product was designed and developed in the Array Center for Technology Innovation (ACTI) located in Bangalore. Last year, the company invested over $2 million in setting up the product innovation and design center to launch new products in shorter timelines, and thereby supporting the needs of its customer across the globe, especially in the Asian markets.

On his recent visit to India, Michael Zhao, President and CEO of Array Networks, who made the announcement, said, “Reinforcing our commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we designed and created Amplifier entirely in-house at ACTI. Amplifier is a new and futuristic load generating system that conducts performance tests and enables testing of networking devices in terms of stress, scalability and throughput, transactions, and many other system attributes.”

While Amplifier is a direct product of its R&D investments, Array aims to further expand its product line and its fast-growing footprint in the Indian subcontinent. Zhao said that in the coming months, the company’s focus will be  on designing and developing a security product, which will be launched by Q3 2020. “We will be a one-stop solution for businesses looking for a whole new approach to security that creates smart, agile and more context-aware protection against sophisticated web-based threats,” he said.

Further expressing his optimism and confidence in the Indian market for the company’s recent growth in the region, Zhao said, “India has been the best performing market for us. Under the leadership of Shibu Paul, we have maintained an enviable consistent growth and now we stand at second position in the Indian ADC market. Our investments will further ensure that we have very strong and secure process, policies and technologies in place to ensure the best quality products and service delivery for our customers.”

Michael Zhao and Shibu Paul at the product launch


“With consistent growth and commitment towards the India region, 2019 was a very rewarding year for Array Networks. With 40% YoY growth and a CAGR of 37% across the past five years, Array’s operation in India is one of the top contributors to the company’s overall global growth,” said Shibu Paul, Vice President International Sales of Array Networks.

Last year, we were successful in generating 70% of our revenue from government and banks, besides aviation, entertainment and education verticals. Array’s WAF and SSL Intercept are the two flagship products that gained traction across all the verticals, especially BFSI and government, ensuring 100% growth with three-fold increase in the number of customers, which added significantly to overall revenue growth.

In 2020, the company is looking at a 50% growth. Zhao believes a chunk of this growth will come from the government, as well as from new and emerging companies in the areas of mobile commerce and payment gateways.

The additional investment will further accelerate Array’s efforts in gaining superior market share in the fast-growing application security market. As part of an ongoing initiative, Paul said, “Array Networks aims to invest in manpower expansion by 45%. This will promote expansion to newer geographies, addition of newer technologies and collaborating with new partners.”

“India is one of the fastest-growing regions for Array Networks and we are excited about our growth momentum. With this new round of investment coming in, we are positioned to expand our product line and manpower in the region. The key to our continued success will remain in our ability to create a satisfied customer base by providing leading-edge technology solutions designed at our ACTI facility,” said Paul.


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