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Best free keyboard applications for your Mobile

By Jitendra Soni

Keyboard application on your smartphone plays a vital role in the way you communicate. It is one of the most understated applications that help you communicate effectively and accurately. A good keyboard application not only improves the user experience to multi-folds, comes with handy features but like a trusted aide it can save you from embarrassing situations like sending the all-important email with silly mistakes.

It does not matter if your typing habits include scribbling down some random notes on the way to the office or while returning, or want to write a lengthy email or even a blog post in a language other than English or Hindi, a good keyboard application can make our life easy.

Let us have a look at few of the best free keyboard applications:


Source : Google

Probably one of the best keyboard applications that we can install on both Android and iOS devices. Back in 2016, it was first introduced for iOS and later made its way to the Android devices. One of the most well-rounded keyboard applications, Gboard is lightweight and minimal, has a fairly accurate autocorrect that reduces the accidental typos, and word prediction. It also has a floating mode and a one-hand mode that comes handy when using large-screened devices.

The fact that it has a translation feature inbuilt and allows you to switch between different languages seamlessly is the icing on the cake. Oh yes, did I mention that not only Gboard is free to download but it is also completely ad-free.

Download Gboard for Android | Download Gboard for iOS

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

 Source Microsoft

Like Gboard, Swiftkey does not need any introduction. It has been one of the most trusted and stable keyboard applications for long.

Imagine the embarrassing situation after you’ve sent a grammatically incorrect message to your client or your boss.  Swiftkey not only helps in typing fast on the phone, but the built-in dictionary ensures that you do not mistype and helps you send grammatically correct messages.  

It also comes in with a ton of customization options and like Gboard, even the Swiftkey keyboard is available for free to download.

Download Swiftkey keyboard for Android |Download Swiftkey keyboard for iOS

Grammarly Keyboard

Source Grammarly

We all know how helpful Grammarly has been when it comes to preparing grammatically correct emails, stories or other documents. Now the same nagging Grammar Nazi is available to download for your smartphone.

It not only helps us in ensuring that whatever we type is grammatically correct but also checks our content for spelling errors in real-time. The application learns how each user types and based on that it advises you the correct phrasing and helps you improve by giving you tips and explanations around the correct usage of phrases.

Download Grammarly Keyboard for Android | Download Grammarly Keyboard for iOS


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