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Bits and Banter: Driverless cars and Brainless wonders

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A discussion on Elon Musk’s latest neuralink between two neurotic former journalists cannot be funny. And that’s what it turned out to be for the two gents who proffer some humour discussing their understanding of technology and its enablement in our lives. By now, it should be obvious to most of you that our two B&B characters are seriously challenged – both technically and as well as intellectually. 

This week they decided to take up the big story from Elok Musk, the man who makes news even when he is silent. Which is when the world and their elderly aunties start getting neurotic about what this dude has in mind next. 

It is like those boots you see walking in at the fag end of a Saas-Bahu series that leaves the fellow characters astounded and the viewers on needle’s edge. In case the joke’s lost on you, please go to YouTube and watch our Hon’ble textiles minister providing the ladies of the house a lesson in… well, textiles! Remember Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? 

Anyways, that was a digression. The point that our two co-hosts were trying to make about the neuralik surgery was quite simple. Will this chip that Elon Musk kept talking about send and receive WhatsApp messages to others who also have chips embedded within the cranial cavity? Why so? Because the duo feels tired of reading about smartphones during a regular day in life! 

Not a bad idea right? Come to think of it, amongst the global business community, there are only a few who possess the smarts when it comes to technology. And in this meagre list, who else but Musk is qualified to embed things into the human brain? Wasn’t it the same Elon who embedded the musk inside the deer and made it wander around for eternity? 

Just when we thought that the duo would run riot with their invasive views around pervasive technology, the discussion turned dismissive of technology and wandered around to the world of cinema – which our two friends are addicted to, as many of you may have figured out. And for once, they didn’t make light of a new movie on Amazon Prime called C U Soon. 

Which is what we say to you as well… C U Soon with another episode of the weekly chat show around technology and its neurotic influence. Oops! Meanwhile, those of you who turned neurotic after watching this week’s banter, can share bits of their mind on the comments section of our YouTube channel. 

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